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Hot Shots Golf 5 Movie Clip (PS3)

GameTrailers have posted a movie clip from Hot Shots Golf 5.
"It's a nice and easy par four, so aim for the green and swing away."

Colin McRae: DIRT Preview (PC)

C&VG have posted their preview of Colin McRae: DIRT.
"This total reworking has, from the impressive pre-alpha build we played, dealt ninja blows to every question. DIRT is scary-fast, more gorgeous than the screens imply (soft lighting and shadows, lush reflections, organic landscapes) and nails the thrill of a leaping, drifting, edge-of-control drive better than any arcade racer for years. The design of the bumpy, jumpy, frequently blind-cornered stages we saw (playing out on everything from wet tarmac to desert dust) sparkles as brightly as the car models. It also has painfully beefy door-shedding, chassis-folding, scenery-demolishing crashes to counterpoint the speed."

EA's Intelligent Athletes

ESPN Videogames have posted an article entitled, EA's Intelligent Athletes.
"Just how much has the leap to next-gen impacted the way sports video games look? At GDC's sports-based "Athletic Performance: Intelligent Believable Characters" we discovered the leap was significant-but the key improvement is based in movement and intelligence, not in making the characters prettier. "Motion has to be better than modeling," Henry LaBounta, Chief Visual Officer at EA Canada, said. "You get zombies if you just add more polygons and textures."

Virtua Tennis 3 Impressions (360)

BritXbox has posted their impressions of Virtua Tennis 3.
"Graphically, it must be said, VT3 looks great. The animation is extremely fluid the whole thing glides along with a lightening smooth frame rate. The player likenesses are a little iffy, and their skin textures look a little pudgy on occasion, but this is still quite a looker. The games audio is pretty standard fare, but the music is absolutely horrible. Itís always been like this, with upbeat synthesized tracks that are supposed to be catchy but regularly fall into the category of ďBoy, thatís annoying."

Other Stuff...

The joys of getting the right appliances and countertop continue today, oh the happiness, can you feel it? I'm sure you can.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Has the tournament been exciting for you this year?

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# 1 Behindshadows @ 03/18/07 01:27 PM
QOTD- Not really, I've missed majority of it, due to working and spending time with my son on his spring break....

Man I read the Article of the EA Intelligent Athelete. His comment about all you got is zombie players if you only add graphics....

that was funny...obviously he was talking about NBA Live 07. Why make comments like that, when you know your game sucks?
# 2 stalsy2310 @ 03/18/07 01:33 PM
QOTD: Not as much as years past just because there lacking upsets this year.
# 3 MachoMyers @ 03/18/07 04:21 PM
Originally Posted by stalsy2310
QOTD: Not as much as years past just because there lacking upsets this year.
Not anymore.
# 4 McLite @ 03/18/07 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by Xavier12
Not anymore.
About time we did something good in sports. Hopefully they can continue to build our program back up.

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