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MLB 07: The Show Delayed (PS3)

EB Games and GameStop have updated their release date for MLB 07: The Show, showing a May 15th shipping date.

8Ball Allstars Announced (DS)

NintendoWorldReport has the scoop.
"This year’s most exciting and comprehensive pool experience, 8Ball Allstars calls upon pool fans and Nintendo DS™ owners to chalk up their cues and challenge their friends anywhere to head-to-head games. 8Ball Allstars gives Nintendo DS™ fans pool the way they like it! With a fully customisable feature set, the game allows players to style their game and play however they like, wherever they like."

Gates Loses Virtual Soccer Match to Pro

Yahoo! has the story.
"Microsoft Corp. chairman, Bill Gates met his technological match Tuesday, losing a video game simulation of a penalty shootout to star Mexican soccer player Rafael Marquez 2-1 as hundreds of Microsoft Mexico employees and other invited guests cheered on the two."

Database Update For FIFA Manager 07 (PC)

EA Sports have posted a database update for FIFA Manager 07.
"The new database update is now available. Please make sure you save your existing database first if you have changed data.

The database update works for FIFA Manager 07, FIFA Manager 07 Extra Time and for all international versions (every language).

As usual you have to start a new game to play with the new data."

Freestyle Street Basketball Preview (PC)

Hooked Gamers have posted their preview of Freestyle Street Basketball.
"Freestyle Street Basketball is exactly what its name implies. It's not a rule-regimented game such as the various NBA and NCAA basketball sims are. In fact it's not a simulator at all, it is actually more of a role-playing sports game that is playable online only. FSBB is a free-spirited sports game that lets you fully customize your character's look and skill sets. Most other games of this genre have pre-made players that you are stuck with using and the options to improve their abilities and look is very limited. Not so in FSBB. In fact, the main part of this basketball game is the chance to fully customize the look of your character or online avatar. There are tons of different outfits, sneakers, tattoos and other items that will give your player the look that best suits you."

Other Stuff...

Had our first 35 and over game last night and while I thought I played well, the rest of the team stunk it up, heh. When I looked at the other team, as I got there, I was thinking we'd blow them out. Instead we lost by 15. I certainly hope this season doesn't go as bad as the last one I just completed, but we'll see.

What's up with you?
  • Q'sOTD: So, um...Are you getting the "New and Improved" Xbox 360 or sticking with what you have? Also, are you disappointed at the new release date for MLB 07: The Show?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 03/21/07 08:52 AM
Ohh, a two-parter for QOTD.

QOTD - No, I am not. My camera, headset, and HD-DVD player are in the white, it would annoy me to death with the colors mismatching. Yes, I'm that anal. I still hope for a HDMI cable for the current system, and if the HDD is priced reasonably, I would consider it as well.

2nd part - Yes, because it doesn't give me much hope personally. A baseball game getting delayed from the start of the season is not good, no matter how you slice it.
# 2 Dice @ 03/21/07 08:57 AM
QOTD: Sticking with my current 360.

In the 'Other Stuff' content I looked at the '20 oddest jobs' link and didn't see a job I thought should have been there and that was a 'Fluffer'. I can understand why the website didn't put it on there because of the content. FOr those who don't know what a 'fluffer' is:
# 3 countryboy @ 03/21/07 09:39 AM
QOTD: I don't own a 360.

As for the new release date, one month doesn't really bother me. Now if they delay it past the June... then I may think about passing on it until next season.
# 4 Pete1210 @ 03/21/07 10:01 AM
QOTD: I won't be getting the Black 360 Elite. No need for a new unit unless (or should I say until) my 360 breaks down after the 2 year extended warranty.

I don't have a PS2 or PS3 for The Show.
# 5 boomhauertjs @ 03/21/07 10:13 AM
QOTD 1: I don't own a 360 yet, but if they drop the price on the premium system to $300, I'll seriously consider getting one. I have cheap TV's, so I have no use for all the HD stuff.
# 6 pennstlbu @ 03/21/07 12:08 PM
QOTD: I'm sticking with what I got.
# 7 Behindshadows @ 03/21/07 01:26 PM
QOTD- As a collectors item, of course I am.......Just like I bought the sports pak, black dreamcast. The clear blue DOA Xbox Jp. And the clear Xbox Jp.

I want to them all.....

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