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EA Announces NASCAR 08 For Summer

PSX Extreme has the scoop.
"Much like that "Road to the Show" feature in MLB 07: The Show, the latest NASCAR installment will let you start off as a rookie driver and move into a full racing career. Of course, we assume you'll actually be starting in NASCAR, and not racing in some little stock league somewhere. Finally, like most all next-gen games these days, the game will feature online multiplayer for up to 16 players."

WipEout Races to PSP Via PS3

PSP World has the scoop.
"Lost in the buzz surrounding the recent Game Developers Conference and all the news that came out of that, Sony quietly released the original WipEout for PSP via the PlayStation Store on Thursday."

Ultimate Duck Hunting Coming To Wii

N-Europe has the info.
"Jeff Hill, co-publisher of Detn8 Games has today announced Ultimate Duck Hunting for the Wii. The title is the publisher's first release, and should be seeing a release in the US this June, and will see an European release in the last quarter of this year."

Forza Motorsport 2 Goodies (360)

360 Monster has posted the following Forza Motorsport 2 goodies:

Other Stuff...

I tried a shortcut today to get to work, it seemed to be a little quicker. I'll find out on Monday if in fact it is. On Friday's the traffic is usually pretty light.

How are your brackets looking now? If Ohio St. would have lost last night, I would have been done. Should be some exciting games on tonight as well. I guess the less upsets in the early rounds gives us the better matchups, but the 1st 2 rounds seemed boring to me.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Do you have an iPod, other MP3 player or nothing at all?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

Mxracer23x, Pinstripe_Power (35)

Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 03/23/07 07:25 AM
I read that Universal joins HD-DVD link, and was like huh? They are already deep in HD-DVD, but it's for Europe

QOTD - yes, I have a 30 gig Dell DJ that I've had for like 3 years. I have over 6,000 songs on it, and really see no reason in upgrading. I could care less about a color screen or watching movies on a 1.5" screen, so this does the job that I want, music. Great sound quality, and good features for it. Songs are easy to rip on it, so I'm happy.
# 2 cbgatorade0202 @ 03/23/07 07:27 AM
QOTD: I have a Zune that I got for Christmas...I was all excited when I got it but now It barely ever gets used b/c Im really just not into listening to music that much, But it will work out good for Long Trips.
# 3 Steve_OS @ 03/23/07 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
I read that Universal joins HD-DVD link, and was like huh? They are already deep in HD-DVD, but it's for Europe
Gotta show some love to our Europeans right?
# 4 Shaver @ 03/23/07 07:45 AM
QOTD: I have an iPod Nano. Does the job for me. I run 3 miles every other day and I can't tell you how many times I've dropped the thing and it still works perfectly. The actual Apple brand is more expensive, but you do get a quality product.
# 5 Pete1210 @ 03/23/07 09:04 AM
QOTD: I got my son's old MP3 player since he got a new one for Christmas. It's a Sandisc 128 or 256MB. Anyway, it holds more than enough songs to get me through my workout at the gym. That's the only time I use it.
# 6 MachoMyers @ 03/23/07 09:16 AM
Texas A&M losing puts me in a tough spot. I'm still in 5th place though but I doubt I'll catch #1.

QOTD: My girlfriend has an IPod that I use from time to time. I spend most of my music listening time on my computer though.
# 7 aukevin @ 03/23/07 09:23 AM
QOTD: I have a 20GB iRiver that I really like, but I need a new one. I like to use it when I'm working, but new rules prevent any recording or wifi devices, my iRiver has a voice recorder on it. Does anyone know a good mp3 player (non-Ipod brand) that doesn't have voice recording or wifi? It seems like most of them have one of those these days.
# 8 pennstlbu @ 03/23/07 09:32 AM
QOTD: 30 GB iPod is what I got.
# 9 JiggidyJames @ 03/23/07 09:40 AM
QOTD: 60 gig iPod Video. It's the black one, so I got a black case and headphones to go with it. It's actually a cool looking iPod now. I'll probably upgrade to the 80 gig if I run out of space.
# 10 JohnnytheSkin @ 03/23/07 09:42 AM
QOTD: I bought my wife a black Zune which she loves.
# 11 laforr77 @ 03/23/07 09:55 AM
QOTD: toshiba gigabeat S (60 gb)

I just got it and I love it...
# 12 CaptainZombie @ 03/23/07 11:03 AM
QOTD: I have a 30gb Zune for 2 months now and its been great so far.
# 13 TJdaSportsGuy @ 03/23/07 11:20 AM

30 gig iPod video, black. I love that little thing.
# 14 Sandman42 @ 03/23/07 11:39 AM
My brackets done. First SIU lost and I had them in the Elite 8. Then A&M lost and I had them winning it all.

QOTD: 30GB video iPod. Got it for Christmas 2 years ago, have around 6,000 songs on it.
# 15 sbmnky @ 03/23/07 03:39 PM
My brackets are looking okay. A&M hurt me last night by losing to Memphis. I'm excited to watch the UCLA/Kansas game tomorrow. We are celebrating my buddy's bday and he attended Kansas, so it should be fun to watch.

QOTD: I use an iPod nano for workingout/running and it's perfect. I sent my 30GB video iPod up to my Dad and it was stolen from UPS.

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