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Eurogamer Update (PS3, Wii)

Eurogamer has posted the following:
  • Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Preview (PS3)
    "There are specially designed tracks for drifting, complete with plenty of narrow sections and tight corners, and you score points according to how long you manage to drift for. You can chain drifts together too for extra points. There are plenty of modes to choose from, such as Drift King, where you have to score more points than all your rivals, and Drift Obliterator - anyone who fails to score at least 50.000 points during a lap gets eliminated."
  • No Juiced For Wii Just Yet
    "Juiced 2 project lead Richard Badger believes that the porting approach taken by some racing games is unsuitable for Wii, and has told Eurogamer that this is the reason his game won't be appearing on the Nintendo format."

360Monster Q&A's (360)

360Monster has posted some Q&A's from the following games:
  • Brian Lara International Cricket 2007
    360Monster: "How does BL2007 capture the atmosphere of televised cricket coverage?"
    Peer Lawther: "It captures it perfectly. As we’ve got the ICC (International Cricket Council) licence we’ve worked with them extensively so the main World Cup mode of the game recreates overlays, fonts and graphics that you would see in TV coverage.

    Obviously we’ve also got the rights to use Hawk-Eye as well, which adds to the TV feel immensely, and the fact that we’ve got David Gower, Jonathan Agnew and a host of other commentators in the game means it’ll feel like it’s you out there at the crease!"
  • Virtua Tennis 3
    360Monster: "What are the primary differences between the Xbox 360 and the arcade versions of the game?"
    Toby Allen: "The arcade version of the game has been improved on the PS3 by AM3, we took this latter version and added a few extra features. You can expect a new world tour mode, character customisation, mini-games and 1080p quality graphics. Specifically on the 360 version we have taken the Virtua Tennis 3 experience to a new high with the addition of Xbox Live support; this include tournaments, game higlights, VT.TV and spectator mode. You can play up to 8 players online with doubles in a tournament - all playing at 60fps and in superb 1080p quality."

Other Stuff...

Appliances...Ugh, who would have ever thought something as easy as an appliance would be so hard to choose from. I can finally say we have picked them out, although the measurements won't work on the dishwasher, but I have already found the replacement. Sheesh, I hope we never have to redesign a kitchen to save my life.

What's up with you?
  • Q'sOTD: How many correct Final 4 participants in your bracket? Who do you think wins the championship?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'er!

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Member Comments
# 1 ubernoob @ 03/26/07 07:29 AM
Appliance shopping. How fun My girlfriends favorite section of the store to look through, and we are 19 (well, I am, she's 18.) Woe is me.

Question of the Day:

Don't know, don't care. On my money board, I had Tennessee winning it but they choked. For my homer board I had Maryland winning it and they're obviously out. Also, Wisconsin is out so I can't cheer for my friends/hometown team.

I just hope the rest of the games are good games to watch, and I'll be cheering hard against Ohio State.
# 2 Dice @ 03/26/07 07:49 AM

I got one Final Four team: Ohio State. Who I got winning it all.
# 3 ndeezlo @ 03/26/07 08:35 AM
Folirdo and Ohio State who I have playing in the Championship with OSU winning.
# 4 racerx @ 03/26/07 08:58 AM
I only have G'Town left with them winning it all.
# 5 cbgatorade0202 @ 03/26/07 09:00 AM
I have 3 of the final 4. Florida, Ucla and Ohio State. Texas screwed me over , I also had Texas in the National Championship with Florida winning so who knows.

Go Gators
# 6 MachoMyers @ 03/26/07 09:15 AM
I have three of the four, I had Texas A&M instead of OSU. I did, however have 7 of the 8 Elite 8 teams so I'm in 2nd place right now. If G' Town and Florida advance I have a shot at winning this thing.
# 7 boomhauertjs @ 03/26/07 09:30 AM
Sounds like there isn't going to be a price drop on the 360 Premium System, even with the release of "Elite". There was speculation that they would drop the price to $300 and get rid of the Core System. I was hoping for a price drop so I could cover most of the cost of a 360 from the sale of my Xbox and Gamecube.

I have all 4 Final Four teams. Let's go Bruins!
# 8 JohnnytheSkin @ 03/26/07 09:40 AM
QOTD: I have three of the four (damn Texas A&M). If Florida and Georgetown advance, I take my wife's office pool! Florida is the pick to repeat!
# 9 TJdaSportsGuy @ 03/26/07 09:57 AM

I correctly guessed on 2 of the 4 Final 4 teams. I had Georgetown and Florida, along with Texas A&M and Kansas. My championship game is still intact though, with Florida vs. Georgetown the matchup I predicted.
# 10 JiggidyJames @ 03/26/07 10:38 AM
QOTD: I had Georgetown, Ohio St. and Florida in the Final Four with Ohio St. winning it all.
# 11 Sandman42 @ 03/26/07 11:03 AM
QOTD: I have 3 of my 4 left. I missed with Texas A&M whom I had winning it all. I'm going to say Georgetown beats UCLA to win the Nationals Championship.
# 12 McLite @ 03/26/07 12:55 PM
Wow that Div II ending was a heck of a basketball game!
# 13 bullcats @ 03/26/07 01:52 PM
QOTD: I had UCLA, Florida, G-Town, and Texas A&M, so I got 3 of 4. Last year I think I had none left so feeling much better this year.
# 14 Acid @ 03/26/07 04:23 PM
3 of the 4, I didn't have Georgetown. I had Texas in that Final Four spot, and I had them winning the Championship.

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