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Devin Hester: Maximum Speed

It looks like Devin Hester will have a perfect 100 speed rating in Madden NFL 08.
"It's long been rumored, it's been hinted at, it's been lobbied for, and it's been perennially denied -- but now, an NFL player has finally achieved the near-impossible: meriting a perfect 100 in one of Madden NFL's proprietary skills ratings."

Forza Motorsport 2 Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde has posted some screenshots of Forza Motorsport 2.
"Forza 2 is back already with these 3 new images. 2 of them show the famous Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex, better known as the AE86 for Initial D fans, and a nicely tuned Fairlady Z."

Forza Motorsport 2 Preview (360)

Killer Betties have posted their preview of Forza Motorsport 2.
"The customizing ability of Forza 2 seems to be a huge selling point of the game, as they've included several things to not only improve your ability to customize your vehicles, but also the ways in which the community can come together to trade and share paint jobs. In general, if you played the first one you'll probably be familiar with the controls and abilities of the customizer, but the one new thing they made mention of was the ability to now select multiple layers of your paint job at one time and change them and move them around."

Colin McRae: DIRT Preview (360)

Xbox 360 The Official Xbox Magazine has posted their preview of Colin McRae: DIRT.
"The lighting can also be adjusted in real time, allowing it a depth of realism never before seen in a rally game. One of the most impressive technical demonstrations we see is one of the developers moving the sun along its path from dawn till dusk, with all the soft shadows flowing like a time-lapse movie. As we move on to a different part of Codemasters’ studio, we’re treated to another impressive tech demo, very similar to the old XNA test-bed. This demonstrates the effects of a car impact at different speeds and from various angles. The McRae version shows just what can be achieved using clever physics and astonishingly detailed car models. Some of the impacts are absolutely sickening. It’s not only possible to crush the entire front chassis with a head-on impact; you can actually bend the running gear in a u-shape around a telephone pole or lamp-post."

Other Stuff...

Snow. We actually have snow on the ground. About 2 inches of it. It is April, right?

We are hoping to get the cabinet guys in over the weekend to finish up our kitchen. Not sure it's going to happen, but there is a chance. It almost feels like it will NEVER get finished. So irritating.

Enough about me, what's up with you?
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Member Comments
# 1 Acid @ 04/07/07 10:13 AM
I scored my first indoor soccer goal last night in a 15-4 victory. Not bad for someone who has never played soccer before.

QOTD: When I'm out, I use my cell phone, when I'm home I use my computer mostly.
# 2 McLite @ 04/07/07 10:52 AM
That article on the pitcher is pretty cool. If I ever have a son (I suppose first I better find a normal girl) I am going to teach him that!
# 3 GP Mercy @ 04/07/07 10:55 AM
Devin Hester with 100 speed...let the cheesing begin lol...

QOTD: Cellphone when I'm out of the house, and cellphone when I'm in.
# 4 bullcats @ 04/07/07 01:15 PM
QOTD: Cell phone usually
# 5 pennstlbu @ 04/07/07 01:43 PM
QOTD: Usually my watch, except when I'm out at night or in my bedroom(use the cell phone).
# 6 MachoMyers @ 04/07/07 01:46 PM
I almost always have my watch on, I feel naked without it.
# 7 Pete1210 @ 04/07/07 02:21 PM
QOTD: Cell phone.
# 8 Scott @ 04/07/07 05:06 PM
QOTD: Cell Phone
# 9 Behindshadows @ 04/07/07 06:06 PM
QOTD- All The Above....Especially The Watch and Cellphone..
# 10 CaptainZombie @ 04/07/07 07:19 PM
QOTD: Cell Phone when out and Computer, Stove or DVD player when at home.

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