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Mad Catz and NBA Continue Licensing Agreement

NintendoWorldReport has the scoop.
"Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (AMEX/TSE: MCZ), a leading third-party video game accessory provider, announced today that it has renewed its license agreement with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to produce a new line of customized team video game controllers and other related accessories."

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Screenshots (360)

Gameinfowire has posted some screenshots of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage.
"Some of the many brand new design and gameplay components featured in FlatOut Ultimate Carnage include 12 cars racing on screen up from eight in FlatOut 2, five all-new single player and two all-new multiplayer game modes over the Xbox LiveŽ online game service, over 8,000 dynamic objects per track up from 5,000 in FlatOut 2, widescreen High Definition resolution (720p), dynamic lighting and shadowing all with proper real-time environment mapping on all vehicles, downloadable content via Xbox Live, and 20,000 polygons per car up from 7,500 in the previous generation."

EA Tiburon Runs Up Score

The Orlando Sentinal has posted an article entitled, EA Tiburon Runs Up Score.
"The Central Florida video-game company that produces the Madden NFL football series placed three titles among the Top 10 sellers of 2006, making it unique among U.S.-based studios.

EA Tiburon, a subsidiary of Redwood City, Calif.-based Electronic Arts Inc., burnished its industry reputation as a top producer of revenue and as a deep pool of creative talent with a trio of titles in last year's Top 10.

Two different versions of Madden -- one for the Sony PlayStation 2 and another for the Microsoft Xbox 360 -- were joined by NCAA Football in the list compiled by the research company NPD Group. The Madden games accounted for sales of 3.9 million units, while NCAA Football sold 1 million units."

EA Tiburon Takes Over Tiger Woods Series

NintendoWorldReport has the scoop.
"Electronic Arts has revealed that Florida-based EA Tiburon, better known as the guys behind the Madden football series, has taken over development duties of the Tiger Woods golf series from EA's offices in Northern California."

Other Stuff...

Finally finished off the taxes and will be mailing them off at the Post Office today. Nothing like doing things at the last minute huh?

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: How many TV's and phones do you have in your house?

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Member Comments
# 1 plasticbeast @ 04/12/07 07:43 AM
Taxes... always get that out of the way as soon as I receive my W2's in the mail, so I don't have to worry about it.

QOTD: 4 TVs and 2 cell phones(my personal phone, and work phone) I haven't had a land line in over 5 years.
# 2 RockyTop1 @ 04/12/07 07:44 AM
QOTD: I've got 2 hdtv's (50", 30") and the buddy of mine that's living with me right now has a 32" lcd. I've got one wireless base with 2 cordless phones hooked up to that base and 2 cell phones.
# 3 Pete1210 @ 04/12/07 08:19 AM
What's Up? I had a nice vacation with the family last week in Orlando, Florida. Beautiful weather in the 80's and sunny every day. We spent the first 3 days at Universal Studios, then moved into our time share at WDW. My wife and I hadn't to been to Universal in 10 years and it was the first time for my kids. They have some great rides and attractions, but I still like Disney better. Now back in NY waiting for Spring to come.

QOTD: 6 TV's (2 HD). 5 phones (one line).
# 4 forensicd @ 04/12/07 08:24 AM
65" and 30" hdtvs, then one 15" tv in bedroom. Phones, just 1 regular in kitchen, then my wife and I each have a cell.
# 5 TJdaSportsGuy @ 04/12/07 09:04 AM

I have one 32" LCD HDTV in the living room, a small 17" TV in the bedroom, and 2 cellphones. Mine and my wife's. We don't have a land line.
# 6 CaptainZombie @ 04/12/07 09:12 AM
We finished our taxes back in January.

QOTD: We have 3 HDTV's (50" DLP (family room), 32" LCD (living room), 23" LCD (bedroom) and 1 32" SDTV (family room for kids). We have 3 phones at home and then our 2 cell phones.
# 7 MachoMyers @ 04/12/07 09:14 AM
My TV situation is laughable, its a 27" standard def tv my old roommate left for me, I think because he felt bad I had a 18" P.O.S. I have a cordless hooked up in my bedroom.
# 8 cbgatorade0202 @ 04/12/07 10:34 AM
QOTD: We have a 42' plasma (mine), 50' plasma, and 3 regular sized Sony's avgeraged at 30', So 5 tvs and we have 6 phones in the house plus a few cell phones.
# 9 JohnnytheSkin @ 04/12/07 10:44 AM
QOTD: Right now we have a 57" Mits DLP and a 50" SXRD, though the latter is on it's way out for something more manageable (looking to a 30" LCD or something). As for phones, my wife and I only have a land line, cordless with two handsets...believe it or not!
# 10 mjb2124 @ 04/12/07 11:05 AM
4 TV's and 3 phones (not including 2 cell phones).

HDTV in the family room, SDTV in both bedrooms and in the basement. Wireless phones in the kitchen and both bedrooms.

I'm waiting for one of the other TV's to die before buying another HDTV to put in my bedroom. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem like it's going to happen soon, but I can't justify in my mind replacing one of the non-HDTV's for an HDTV until one of them dies.
# 11 rock85 @ 04/12/07 12:03 PM
I have 6 TV's 3 HD(Two 42's one 27) One in each bedroom(3) one in the kitchen and one in the basement. I only have one handset with two cordless phones on it

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