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Madden Cover Athlete Named, I Donít Care

Shawn checks in with another 5WG article entitled, Madden Cover Athlete Named, I Donít Care.
"Donít get me wrong - I enjoy playing Madden quite a bit, but it has nothing to do with whoís on the cover. I suppose that thereís still some people in this world who would buy something they ordinarily wouldnít based on the picture on the front of the box, but Iím not one of them, nor do I know anyone that is."

WWE Superstars Get Ready To Rumble With Gamers On Xbox Live

Gameinfowire has the scoop.
"It was today revealed that WWE Superstar wrestlers Shelton Benjamin and Johnny Nitro will be taking on gamers and aiming to teach them a lesson or two playing WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007, via Xbox Live on the Xbox 360. The Game with Fame will be hosted from London, ahead of the Monday Night RAW event taking place in the capital on 23rd April 2007."

Madden NFL 08 Vince Young Screenshots

1up has posted some screenshots of Vince Young, from the upcoming Madden NFL 08.
"Colts QB Peyton Manning, the face of the NFL, finally conquered the Patriots and won the Super Bowl last NFL season. Chargers reigning MVP Ladanian Tomlinson shattered the TD record. Broncos shutdown cornerback Champ Bailey made half of the football field disappear. But its second-young Tennessee Titans Vince Young that gets the nod to cover Madden NFL 08. Young -- a fantastic double-threat QB on the cusp of stardom -- took over behind center for the Titans and helped them go from 2-8 to 8-8 (they narrowly missed the playoffs). But going into his second season, he's far from the best player in the NFL, making him an odd choice for sports gaming's most prestigious -- and dangerous -- cover."

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures Available (360)

According to Major Nelson, 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures is available on the Marketplace.
"Buy 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures - own the most imaginative collection of wacky miniature golf courses. Get ready to tee off for a quick and fun match! Putt your way through 36 crazy holes of minigolf mania! Or create your own custom hole design and challenge a friend. Buy the full game now to practice your power swing!"

Sega Rally Revo Screenshots (PS3, 360)

Xboxyde and Playsyde have both posted some Sega Rally Revo screenshots.
"Sega releases five new screenshots of Sega Rally Revo, first episode of the series to be released on a game console since Sega Rally 2 on Dreamcast. And it looks fantastic. If only seing these luxorious sets didn't make me so eager to go on holidays..."

New Tiger Ad Pokes Fun at Old Golfing Trick (Wii)

Check it out, over at QJ.
"Leave it to Electronic Arts and Nintendo to bring along the funny. After getting Tiger Woods to do a funny "in-house" ad for Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07, they got him to do another quickie advertisement, featuring a parody of one of the trademark skills in golf: ball handling."

Other Stuff...

Well, I think I'm going to go ahead and see a doctor at around lunch time today. That sharp pain in my lower stomach seems to be getting worse, instead of better. I certainly hope it's nothing serious.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Which game(s) are you looking forward to the most?

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# 1 RockyTop1 @ 04/18/07 08:29 AM
QOTD: Halo 3, GTA 4, NCAA 08
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 04/18/07 08:33 AM
QOTD - Halo 3, GTA 4, NCAA 08, MLB 07 The Show (PS3)
# 3 MachoMyers @ 04/18/07 08:56 AM
Forza 2
# 4 JohnnytheSkin @ 04/18/07 09:01 AM
QOTD: How far out should I go? Within the next few months my most anticipated are Forza 2 and Mass Effect.
# 5 Pete1210 @ 04/18/07 10:30 AM
QOTD: APF 2K8, Mass Effect and Forza2.
# 6 Easton @ 04/18/07 11:13 AM
Another softball game rained out yesterday, but that's ok, because my brother got a couple of tickets to the Stars playoff game. Even though they lost.....again.......it was still alot of fun.

QOTD: NCAA 08, Gran Turismo 5, MLB 07 The Show (all PS3), Spore (PC)
# 7 Sandman42 @ 04/18/07 12:11 PM
QOTD: Halo 3, GTA 4, NCAA Football 08
# 8 ofdman @ 04/18/07 08:10 PM
push your fist into the lower right hand side of your abdomen, down sorta low and quickly pull your fist out.

If it doesnt hurt while your fist is pushing IN but you experience a sharp pain when you quickly RELEASE (pull back your fist) then it may be Appendicitis.

Hope not.

Appendicitis hurts when you release the pressure not apply it.

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