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NBA Live 07 Playoffs Sim (PC)

Our friends at the NBA Live Series Center have posted their NBA Live 07 Playoffs Sim.
"Using the latest version of the current roster update for NBA Live 07, I've simmed through a virtual NBA Playoffs. Will the results prove to be an accurate prediction for the real 2007 Playoffs? Come June, we'll know the answer."

NBA Live 07 Playoffs Sim

ESPN Videogames have also posted an NBA Live 07 Playoffs Sim.
"The Pistons easily dispatched the Magic, grabbing each of their four wins by at least eight points and losing only Game Four, when Orlando needed a late comeback and a last-second shot by Grant Hill to win 90-88."

DIRT: Colin McRae Off Road Screenshots (Multi)

Gameplay Monthly has posted some screenshots of DIRT: Colin McRae Off Road.
"In addition, gamers will be able to relive those intense and often breathtaking moments behind the wheel with stunning replays. DIRTís replay system includes dynamic cameras that follow, capture and focus on the most exciting moments during each race, and for the first time in the series players are given full control over the replays action."

Football Manager Live First Impressions (PC)

Eurogamer has posted their first impressions of Football Manager Live.
"So how's it looking now? Essentially you log in with an email address and password, select a squad from the pool of players in the 'game world', or simply auto-select and let the computer take care of it for you. As long as you don't go above the mandatory £100k wage ceiling, you can pick whoever you like, providing someone hasn't got there first. The first thing to note is that although the players themselves are from the real world of football, you have to create your own fictional team name (Pathetic Athletic), complete with nickname (The Tossers), stadium name, pitch length and width, as well as all your own personal details, photo, logo, favourite team, the area where you live and so on. That way, Sports Interactive reasons, you won't end up with dozens of people all playing as Manchester United to gain the advantage. In FML, it's all about your signings, playing the transfer market, keeping an eye on the contract situation and, of course, your tactical nous on match day."

Colin McRae: DiRT Release Date Announced (Multi)

360Monster has the scoop.
"Colin McRae: DiRT has been getting alot of publicity recently. The amazing screenshots that we've been given are simply mind-blowing, and we've noticed a lot of buzz within the Monster community for the game.

Codemasters today confirmed that Colin McRae: DiRT will be hitting the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on 22nd June 2007."

Forza Motorsport 2 Movie Clips (360)

Xboxyde has posted the following Forza Motorsport 2 movie clips:

Other Stuff...

We are finally getting the last touches on our kitchen today, so we'll be complete. Well, other than a few back ordered things, but they are only cosmetic. Can't wait to use that overhead microwave! LOL.

Me and Dan had a few more games last night in our NBA 2K7 season. We are now 4-6, after a nice comeback win against the Rockets. Yao missed a game winner at the buzzer from about 5 feet out, what a relief.

What's up with you?
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