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Wii Freestyle Bowling Championship Movie Clip

Why am I posting this? Why, someone please tell me. Kotaku made me do it.
"Ok, so this vid is both crap and funny, so don't get all angry at my for posting, the YouTube gremlins made me. I do like the Wii ankle holster."

NFL Pros Tackle 'Madden'

Switched has posted an article entitled, NFL Pros Tackle 'Madden'.
"EA recently gathered a group of NFL stars past and present in New York City to celebrate the christening of Vince Young as the 'Madden 08' cover athlete. Switched caught up with a bunch of the guys, who taught us two important lessons:

NFL players love playing 'Madden.'
NFL players don't love their 'Madden' player ratings.
But, don't take our word for it."

NBA Takes Its Shot In Second Life

3pointD has the article.
"The NBA launched its presence in the virtual world of Second Life this morning, following an in-world press conference yesterday that featured NBA commissioner David Stern making the announcement. Built out by the Electric Sheep Company (sponsors of this blog), the NBA region in SL features a basketball arena, streaming video of classic NBA games and more recent highlights, virtual NBA merchandise (natch), and four half-courts where fans can play HORSE or enter dunking contests. I saw a demo of the HORSE game recently, and I have to say that it looks like the Sheep have hooked up some pretty cool scripting and animations for this one."

Other Stuff...

Finished off God of War II yesterday. Man, I love this series, can't wait for the PS3 version, whenever that is.

Gotta go see the doc, wish me luck.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are your thoughts on All Pro Football 2K8?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 05/02/07 09:14 AM
Good luck with the doctor!

QOTD - Not sure yet, I'm excited for a new game to hit the market, but not 100% how good it'll be.

Obviously I'll be buying it though

Tentative kitchen start date is July 23rd, that's when our cabinets and countertops will all be in.
# 2 Pete1210 @ 05/02/07 09:38 AM
QOTD: I still prefer the gameplay and presentation of 2K5 over the most recent Madden. I expect APF 2K8 to be as good as or better than 2K5, so it will be my choice for a football game this year.
# 3 JohnnytheSkin @ 05/02/07 09:38 AM
QOTD: To be honest, I'm not that excited. While I loved 2k5 and it rarely left my Xbox, the whole generic football thing, despite having HOF'ers just doesn't excite me...no matter how good the gameplay is. I like pitting my Broncos against the Raiders, not the Sharks against the Rhinos.
# 4 ofdman @ 05/02/07 09:45 AM
qotd: I can't wait for it. I know without a doubt that it will change the way EA treats their Madden series from now on. Even without the NFL license I believe that its INCREDIBLE gameplay will speak volumes and will PROVE without a shadow of doubt that gameplay is the most important aspect of gaming. I thought to that the absence of the NFL license would be a downer for me but after 45 minutes with it, I didnt even notice.

Sports game of the year. THE most important release in a decade IMO.
# 5 MachoMyers @ 05/02/07 10:16 AM
QOTD: I'll give it a look but I'm not completley blown away by it...But who am I kidding release day roles around I'll probaby be all over it.
# 6 boomhauertjs @ 05/02/07 10:31 AM
QOTD: If I have a 360 by then, I'll look at getting it. I honestly like the gameplay better in Madden, and the lack of ability to edit players to make NFL teams is disappointing.
# 7 Shaver @ 05/02/07 10:59 AM
QOTD: I'm intrigued, but it's far too soon to be excited. Without any type of franchise mode, it really rings a little hollow to me. Almost like we are getting a demo this year. A $60 demo.
# 8 TJdaSportsGuy @ 05/02/07 11:17 AM

I'll be getting it on release day just like most everyone else on OS. I just don't know how much of a life span this game will have with me. Like others have said, with no franchise mode, I can't see myself playing a single season over and over again.
# 9 Behindshadows @ 05/03/07 06:15 PM
QOTD - Can't wait, I'm a big fan of 2k football, so it will definitely be in my 2k8 collection.....Stadiums looks original and very nice. Can't wait to see how it plays and what the final graphics will be like.

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