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Forza Motorsport 2 Screenshots and Movie Clips (360)

Xboxyde has posted some screenshots and movie clips of Forza Motorsport 2 here and right here.
"As for the game, the gameplay itself is just mind blowing. Honestly this is the first time I'm so impressed by a simulation game. Of course the fact that I'm playing with the FF wheel certainly helps, but still each car feels so different from the others that it's like a brand new game each time you try a new one. The wheel also just works perfectly, each slight loss of traction is felt immediately, each small bump is there too. Just perfect handling all around. Graphically though as expected this is a mixed bag. When everything goes right Forza 2 looks really good, but when the lighting goes bad it looks like toy cars racing. It just feels exactly like Forza 1 did, it's not far from "there", but still not good enough."

To GTR or Not to GTR? (360)

CVG says no GTR for the 360, while 360Monster says yes. Who knows?
"THQ and SimBin are no longer working together on the GTR Xbox 360 videogame", a THQ spokesperson told us this afternoon, adding that "Our focus within the racing genre is continuing to build THQ's internally developed Stuntman, Juiced and MX franchises."

Skate Hands On Impressions (360)

Kotaku has posted their impressions of Skate.
"One of the more interesting aspects of skate. is its planned use of the embedded video replay tool. The game will let players loop through the last 60 to 90 seconds of gameplay and record videos of memorable moments. Pull off an amazing set of tricks? Go into replay mode, edit out the fluff, pick your camera angles and save your video. EA will allow users to export these clips to your hard drive, then upload the fisheye lens-filtered videos to the skate. web site, letting other players rate and comment on your board skills. We were shown a preliminary version of the site, with movies uploaded on the fly, one that borrows heavily (and wisely) from YouTube."

MotorStorm to Have Two Seperate Updates? (PS3)

According to Developmag, we'll see two seperate updates for MotorStorm.
"Next up will be download packs for MotorStorm, which will be available in premium (adding ‘significant gameplay' to the title), and lite flavours."

SimBin Talks RACE 07 (PC)

Boomtown has the scoop.
"The developer has created some fancy new animations for the open wheel racing including tear off striffs for helmet visors and a new action camera cockpit view which SimBin says will "add even more immersion and sensation of speed when driving from the cockpit."

Other Stuff...

Nat is finally registered in Elementary school! We'll be getting a tour from the Principal on Friday, she's looking forward to it, as am I. I can't believe she is starting school in a few months, where has the time gone?

I had money burning a hole in my pocket yesterday, so I decided to buy Glory Road and Hoosiers for the Blu-Ray PS3. Looks like I need to buy a remote today and watch them later. I've never seen either movie, but have heard nothing but good things about them both.

Go Pistons!

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What game(s) are you playing this weekend?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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Member Comments
# 1 RockyTop1 @ 05/05/07 10:19 AM
QOTD: Gears with the new maps (which are amazing btw), Spiderman 3
# 2 rebelfan10 @ 05/05/07 11:06 AM
Never seen Hoosiers? You are in for a treat, may be one of the best sports movies ever.
# 3 JohnnytheSkin @ 05/05/07 01:38 PM
QOTD: Dragon Quest VIII (PS2) and 'Gears' with the maps, or "hopefully" GRAW2 with some OS'ers
# 4 Behindshadows @ 05/05/07 03:06 PM
QOTD - Panzer Dragoon Saga, I'm on disc 2 and still haven't completed this game....
# 5 ty5oke @ 05/05/07 03:10 PM
Hoosiers = Classic sports movie, you'll enjoy! QOTD: MLB 2k7(360) just started a new franchise drafting all under 25 team, really got me back into it.
# 6 forensicd @ 05/05/07 06:51 PM
And you call yourself a basketball fan! Hoosiers is without a doubt one of the great sports movies of all time, perhaps the best along with breaking away. Is there any coincidence that 3 of the top sports movies are based on indiana?
# 7 Pete1210 @ 05/05/07 07:04 PM
QOTD: GRAW2 tonight, COD2 Sunday night

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