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Sega Rally Revo Impressions and Movie Clip

Kotaku has posted some Sega Rally Revo impressions, including a movie clip.
"The handling took a bit of getting used to, but I've found that's common with Rally racers. While I thoroughly enjoyed the game, I'm sure hardcore Rally fanatics will probably give this game a pass because it puts fun before realism on a small scale. For instance, there's no damage modeling for the cars and the tracks are all creations of the developers."

Other Stuff...

The Pistons finally took care of business last night and move on to the ECF. I think the Nets and Suns win to force game 7's tonight.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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Member Comments
# 1 boomhauertjs @ 05/18/07 08:03 AM
Busy weekend. Gonna miss the Cavs game tonight as I am DJ'ing a junior high dance at my wife's school. I'll have a radio with me for updates (and with the way they looked in Game 5, it might be better not to watch). Saturday morning volunteering at my wife's summer job, helping them do yard work. Saturday night got my dad's birthday. Yeesh...not much me time. Maybe on Sunday...
# 2 TJdaSportsGuy @ 05/18/07 08:12 AM

My wife is heading down to Atlanta for a baby shower, so the house is mine and mine alone this weekend.

Since I spent the better part of last weekend cleaning house, I'm making up for it this weekend by being one big fat hairy lazy bastard.
# 3 Easton @ 05/18/07 08:25 AM
Last game of my hockey season tonight before the playoffs start. Need to end the season strong, and be on a roll for the playoffs, for sure!
Tomorrow, going to my cousin's house for his housewarming party (ie lots of booze!!). Sunday, plan on relaxing some and cleaning up around the house.
# 4 Pete1210 @ 05/18/07 08:43 AM
QOTD: Most of my weekend is centered around my kids. My wife and 2 youngest want to see Shrek 3. I may take a pass on that one. I enjoyed the first 2, but I'm reading this one is not as good. Saturday night my son is going to the junior prom. Sunday morning there is a special church service and breakfast for my other son and the children who recently received first communion. Sunday afternoon my daughter has a soccer game. She scored her first goal at last weeks game!
# 5 Lintyfresh85 @ 05/18/07 09:29 AM
QOTD: Going home for the weekend and then heading back to school for another week of post graduation summer school
# 6 HiJumpr111 @ 05/18/07 09:56 AM
QOTD: Tonight I promised my 4-year-old son that we would watch Star Wars Episode I (He loves the few minutes a week we allow him to play the 2 Lego Star Wars Games). I will show snippets of the movie that are most appropriate for that age.

Saturday morning I will mulch both mine and my neighbor's yards. (He mowed twice for me while I was on vacation a month ago). Saturday evening I will rehearse for a June wedding that another guitarist and I are doing.

Sunday: My daughter's 2nd birthday party.
# 7 ofdman @ 05/18/07 10:12 AM
qotd: Play a lot of games on my killer new 40" 1080p LCD! I tell ya, I had a decent tv before (30" Sony CRT HDTV) but this new one REALLY is AWESOME! So much so that i've gone back and repurchased several games because it has changed the whole experience. PGR3 is soooo much fun on this new TV.

I'll be playing a little bit of GRAW2, MLB:TS, PGR3, Forza2 demo, R6, and F1

# 8 JohnnytheSkin @ 05/18/07 11:47 AM
QOTD: I will be recuperating from my periodontal surgery this morning, as I'm in pain ALREADY...a mere hour after the procedure was finished (and I can't take a Vicodin for another two hours). I'll also be going through our vacation photos and mass e-mailing them to friends and family.
# 9 TheGamingChef @ 05/18/07 06:37 PM
QOTD: Watch some baseball, maybe a little basketball, and I'll be playing some poker with the guys tonight and going out tomorrow with the girl. Good stuff
# 10 ifiok25 @ 05/18/07 09:55 PM
I'm graduating from high school on Sunday.

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