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Forza: Get the Experience (360)

Yahoo! Games have posted a feature entitled, Forza: Get the Experience.
"Due to roll into a games store near you next week, Forza Motorsport 2 is the latest and greatest ultra-realistic racing game on the Xbox 360. Featuring 310 customizable cars from over 50 of the world's greatest manufacturers (and GM, too), the demo released on Xbox Live last week to a frenzy of engine-revving, brake-checking and tire-shredding by its legion of devoted fans. We've been fortunate enough to have been playing with an almost-finished copy of the game for a few weeks now, and that's given us ample time to consider how we're going to be setting up our gaming systems to enjoy Forza at its best. Here's our shortlist."

Colin McRae: DIRT Demo (PC)

Fragland has posted the Colin McRae: DIRT demo.
"Yahoo! It's finally here, the long awaited Colin McRae: DIRT demo. This game promises the solid gameplay we're used from the series with even more realistic car-handling, more racing-abilities and the usual renewed graphics."

Football MMO Revealed (PC)

Eurogamer has the scoop.
"Football SuperStars will be created by Nottingham-based developer Monumental Games, and will let you create and "level-up" your very own soccer star. From there you'll be able to form your own team, much a like a guild, and compete in three, five, seven and 11-a-side matches.

Win and you'll make money and become more successful, improving both your skills on the pitch and your life away from it; swanning around in sarongs or some such."

Forza Motorsport 2: One Nürburgring Lap Movie Clip (360)

Xboxyde has posted another Forza Motorsport 2, this one featuring a Nürburgring lap.
"While waiting for the first 10 minutes later this evening, here is already something for the Forza 2 worshipers and even the skeptics out there. How not to be impressed after having seen this 60 frames per second video?"

Major Nelson Update (360)

Major Nelson has posted the following:

Mario Strikers Charged Impressions (Wii)

Kotaku has posted their Mario Strikers Charged impressions.
"Mario Strikers Charged uses the Wii-remote and nunchuk, with little in the way of waggle to make the soccer title unnecessarily complicated. Players can flick the remote to knock over other players but the rest of the control scheme follows a simple, traditional set up. Passing is done with the A button, goal attempts with B (held down to charge a Mega Strike), Z chips the ball and C performs character specific special moves."

Various Video Clips (Multi)

Mario Strikers Charged - Nintendo Media Summit 07 Online Developer Walkthrough (Wii)

Mario Strikers Charged - Nintendo Media Summit 07 Trailer (Wii)

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars - Rush Hour Fare Gameplay (PSP)

Championship Sprint (PSN) - Trailer (PS3)

Madden NFL 07 - Rookie Bowl 07 Event Coverage

Other Stuff...

Another nail biter last night as the Pistons took care of business and take a 2 games to none lead in the ECF. The refs definitely let them play last night, for sure. Especially in the 4th quarter.

I'm playing a little TOO much MLB 07 The Show lately, I need to catch up on some Z's one of these days, lol.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this Memorial Day weekend?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

Footballfan26, djmikey1 (36), dawgdan7280 (35), Eton Rifles (31), ndeezlo (27), carterd1981 (26), jjkbst (25)

Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 05/25/07 07:23 AM
QOTD - Going to a dinner tonight for my wife's school, her principal is retiring. Tomorrow we leave for Indianapolis and the Indy 500. Come back on Monday, go to a cookout. Should be a great weekend.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 05/25/07 07:24 AM
"The refs definitely let them play last night, for sure. Especially in the 4th quarter."

Sounds like you're saying LeBron was fouled on that last play. I'm so disgusted with everything about this series right now - the officiating, LeBron's (non)supporting cast (especially Larry Hughes), Mike Brown's offense (especially in the 3rd quarter). And yet the Cavs are two shots away from being up 2-0.

QOTD: My plans for the weekend in a word "Mulch". Should be fun.
# 3 aukevin @ 05/25/07 07:53 AM
Originally Posted by MassNole
QOTD: Painting the dining room, I need to get a second coat of primer on soon today. This is with 90 degree heat, oh the fun.
LOL, we're painting the living room, connecting hallways, and the kitchen this weekend at my house. I feel your pain.
# 4 Easton @ 05/25/07 08:16 AM
QOTD: Absolutely nothing. I've been doing stuff non-stop for the last 4 weekends, so this three day weekend, I'm not doing a damn thing. I"m going to sit on my *** and play some MLB 07 The Show. I'm sure I'll drink some beers in there at some point. My parents are both in town this weekend, so I'm sure I'll be hitting them up for a free meal at some point, too!
# 5 nyisles16 @ 05/25/07 08:40 AM
QOTD - working until Sunday afternoon, then have a 2 1/2 day weekend.. not much planned, as my parents are getting ready for my brother's "big day" in a few weeks..

congrats EG on going to the 500.. take lots of pics!

pretty cool yesterday - got to see the AF F-16 Thunderbirds & two B-1 bombers flying over my house (an air show over the weekend here on LI) -- loud, but impressive!

have a great (& safe) weekend guys!
# 6 Behindshadows @ 05/25/07 09:02 AM
QOTD - Going to see Pirates 3, and then probably sleep all weekend...finally getting a break....
# 7 JohnnytheSkin @ 05/25/07 10:43 AM
QOTD: I get to mow the lawn! We are also going to finish planting our vegetable/herb garden and I'm going to try and eat some real food since I got my stitches out yesterday (a soft diet from gum surgery is just TERRIBLE).
# 8 TJdaSportsGuy @ 05/25/07 11:28 AM

Heading back to my old stomping grounds of Wilmington, NC!

It'll be my first time back since we moved away last July. I can't wait! Nothing like a warm Saturday at the beach with cold beer in the cooler. God, I miss that place.
# 9 The GIGGAS @ 05/25/07 01:38 PM
It's my birthday weekend... so I'll get myself excited about the presents I'm getting... mostly money I hope.

Today has got to be the worst work day ever. All I'm doing is making up test cases for this program I've been coding for 2 weeks. She said she wanted 10 tests and I'm currently working (ha) on #4. I've been here for an hour and 45 minutes and I've only done 4.


Oh well, cookout tonight.
# 10 Pete1210 @ 05/25/07 07:41 PM
Happy Birthday GIGGAS.

I like the videos in the news. Couldn't enjoy them earlier cause I was at work.

QOTD: Just came back from taking my Dad out to dinner. It's his birthday today, 82! In great health, thank goodness. I got him the Planet Earth DVD set. He loves those kind of shows, but doesn't have Discovery Channel... yet (I'm trying to convince him to udgrade and get an HDTV).
Spent most of the daye earlier getting ready to have a yard sale tomorrow. Not really for the money, more to clear things out. Sort of interesting too, get to meet people, chat and barter.
Sunday do some yard work. Monday we're having some family over for a BBQ.

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