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FIFA 08 Goodies (Multi)

Check out the following FIFA 08 goodies:
  • 11-versus-11 FIFA by 2010 World Cup - EA
    "Electronic Arts hopes that FIFA will be able to support 11-versus-11 play in time for the 2010 World Cup - so that its "Virtual World Cup" will consist of each country's best 11 players competing side by side."
  • FIFA 08 Interview
    Eurogamer: "Do you ever feel restricted by the need to make the games look more realistic, and feel like going the other way?"
    Joe Booth: "I'm not sure for FIFA itself. I think what we've seen is that every time we've brought a new product to market in the football genre it's been successful, so there seems to be more and more appetite for football games. And the market seems to continue to grow and surpass our expectations. I think for FIFA when I look at art direction I'm trying to look in a different way rather than just reproducing broadcast or reproducing real life. I'm trying to ask how that art direction affects the emotion we want someone to feel at that point. The more we can shift things and make them a bit more dynamic, that will please me because I'll be able to use it more artistically."
  • Football genre will continue to expand, says Electronic Arts
    "Last year's FIFA was the UK's best-selling game during 2006, but it was a tough fight against Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer. Booth said the focus isn't simply on beating the competition, explaining, "I think that's something we ask ourselves - not how do we beat Konami, but how do we move the genre forward, and what opportunities are there."

Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting Revolution Movie Clip (Wii)

Japanator has posted a movie clip from Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting Revolution.
"The game play appears to be a cross between Punch Out and Fight Night; which just boils down to being semi-realistic with a shot of the fantastic. Those of you in Japan can expect this game to be released on the 21st of June; no word yet on an American or a European release."

Colin McRae Give-A-Way (360)

360Monster is giving away some copies of Colin McRae: DiRT. Find out how you could win a copy, good luck!
"Codemasters have released new-information that if you pre-order their upcoming Rally title - Colin McRae: DiRT you'll get some free dirty in-game content, in the form of ten (yes ten) unlock-able cars, and as if that wasn't enough you'll get exclusive videos feat. Travis Pastrana (err...who?)."

Mario Wii Kart Announced in E3?

According to JeuxFrance, it might be.
"According to rumours which appear credible to us, Nintendo would have already planned since a few weeks what will be presented at the time of its conference of E3 2007 at the United States, which will take place the morning of next 11 July. Several important advertisements should be made. In addition to the advertisement of new dates of exit (Super Bros Smash. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy in particular), Mario Kart Wii should be revealed, as well as a 'large revelation on the Hardware level'."

N-E Tournament: Mario Strikers Charged Football (Wii)

N-Europe is setting up a Mario Strikers Charged Football tournament.
"With Mario Strikers Charged Football being the Wii's first online game, it's already proved to be very popular with the amount of logins it's had within it's first week. You can't deny that playing Strikers is fun online,especially going head to head with a fellow friend, having one round and both going online to tackle foreign opponents. Do you have that feeling that you want something more intense and capturing? Something more challenging,something to test your skills and techniques against other skilled players? A way to prove and show how good you are? If you are, your looking at the right place."

Forza Motorsport 2 - Times Square Gameplay

Need for Speed ProStreet - Announcement Trailer

Other Stuff...

LeBron just hit another shot, this time it was a 720 degree 3 pointer from 1/2 court. That was an AMAZING performance by Bron last night, gotta give the man his props. He was absolutely unstoppable. It was like he was at full speed and the Pistons were running around in slow motion. I still thought the Stones would pull it out in the end, but it looks like it's going to go to Game 7 baby!

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

greenegt (28), WizardFatass (27), ProdigalSon (25), MAJINMAYNARD (23), irondudez (18)

Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 06/01/07 07:21 AM
I just want to thank Boomhauer for the avatar pic

QOTD- watching the Cavs win game 6 and going to their first NBA Finals...
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 06/01/07 07:32 AM
No problem EG. Steve, you certainly are an optimist. You obviously never lived in Cleveland, where we always expect the worst.

All I could think of last night was all those times the Cavs were on the wrong end of Michael Jordan's heroics. Nice to be on the winning side this time!

Game 6 is going to be crazy. If the Cavs can come out strong, get the crowd really fired up, and get the Pistons frustrated, I think they can take it.

QOTD: I'm participating in a "Flip Cup" tournament at a local bar at 2 on Saturday, so I've got to make sure I'm alert and awake at 8:30.
# 3 Pete1210 @ 06/01/07 09:16 AM
QOTD: Going to a birthday party for two of my nephews on Saturday evening. Sunday is my daughter's last soccer game this season. Other than that some yard work or Forza2 if its rains as predicted this weekend.
# 4 JohnnytheSkin @ 06/01/07 10:03 AM
QOTD: We are going out to our favorite Italian restaurant tomorrow, since my mouth is finally recovered after gum surgery two weeks ago! After that, just having some time outside with the family.
# 5 TJdaSportsGuy @ 06/01/07 10:18 AM

Nothing. And I can't wait!
# 6 nyisles16 @ 06/01/07 10:20 AM
QOTD.. once again dealing with the public.. counting down the week till my vacation
# 7 The GIGGAS @ 06/01/07 10:49 AM
Forza, girlfriend, SDvR, maybe some Mario Party 8... and DDR when it gets here.
# 8 The GIGGAS @ 06/01/07 11:50 AM
That really sucks, Nole.
# 9 jake44np @ 06/01/07 12:05 PM
Sorry but there is no way this series goes to game 7.
Cleveland will win game 6 and be on their way to the finals.
# 10 Acid @ 06/01/07 02:48 PM
I have soccer tonight, which should be fun. Tomorrow I have to go to Banning for my grandma's wedding, which is ridiculous. We don't get along, I hate the guy she's marrying, I can't stand his family, and I really don't want to go to the desert. Luckily, I was able to convince my parents to drive separately, so I'll be leaving the same day instead of staying the night like my parents want to do. I'm thinking about seeing Knocked Up that night, to try and forget about the abomination of human nature that is this wedding. Sunday, I'll probably just play FIFA or something.
# 11 Beantown @ 06/01/07 03:56 PM
Today was Jury Duty.

Don't really know what I'm up to the rest of the weekend. Hopefully something.
# 12 pennstlbu @ 06/01/07 10:22 PM
Last day of work tomorrow. Moving back to Seattle on Sunday. Should be a busy weekend.

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