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Do you have any questions for the Producers of NCAA Football 08? If so, post them here.
"In NCAA Football 08, players will look to be a leader and become a legend on the field. With all-new Leadership Control, players now lead by example and control the action on the field and can increase their sphere of influence by improving their players’ personal ratings on each big play. For the first time on Xbox 360 and PS3, the game will feature a new and deeper recruiting system and an all-new Campus Legend mode. NCAA Football 08 is everything that’s great about college football. The game’s official website is www.ncaafootball08.com."

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# 1 THEBLUEDAWG1914 @ 06/05/07 09:36 AM
Thanks for The Info Steve....

My only question is will the create a school be included for the Xbox360 version this year?
# 2 kirkdawg @ 06/05/07 09:45 AM
Can you explain what is meant by "new and deeper recruiting?" I'd like some more detail on this.

Also, what about the roster sizes? 75? 85?
# 3 mdgoalie37 @ 06/05/07 09:55 AM
Will in-game saves be available?

Will corner routes be defended better?
# 4 ManiacMatt1782 @ 06/05/07 09:56 AM
Will the gang tackling additions to madden make it to NCAA as well. both current and next gen?

Will the addition made to current gen with the evade stick make it to next gen?

What about the receiver control once you break the pocket, will that be making the next gen cut as well?

How are hot routes going to be handled on next gen? like current gen? or the nightmare scheme that was used last year?
# 5 jui2.0 @ 06/05/07 10:05 AM
I think college gameplay has always been better than madden's. However, I was wondering was the secondary A.I. getting a revamp cause they were in my opinion a lot worse than madden's(especially on post out routes and zones). On the new engine you are using(NBA homecourt's A.N.T. engine) will the dynamic controls feel realistic. For example NFl gameday 99 had dynamic controls but it was not real at all. You could break out of animations and just like you all have been talking about (with Inverse Kinetics) seeing the foot actually plant , but it still had the sliding around feel. I just want to know have you eliminated that and the players actually have a sense of weight. Thanks and keep doing what you all are doing. Also are you bringing back the magazine covers for next-gen.
# 6 poster @ 06/05/07 10:05 AM
What is meant by the "revolutionary dynasty experience"? Can you explain more about the features involved? Thanks.
# 7 Dice @ 06/05/07 10:21 AM
Will there finally be a true coach mode option?
# 8 hawkeyekid @ 06/05/07 10:41 AM
What has been done to increase the presentation of games and especially the presentation of big games? Specifically, team entrances, bowl patches, correct bowl endzones, highlights, TD animations that occur with more than 2 or 3 players, chain gangs, sideline interactions, and better/newer College Gameday useage.
# 9 geraldparr @ 06/05/07 11:11 AM
why hasn't espn been utilized the way 2k sports did in their games?
# 10 Hassan Darkside @ 06/05/07 11:53 AM
-How will draft classes be handled? Will they still be restricted to your own gamertag?

-Will you be able to choose whether to initiate a touchdown animation for your own player which risks penalty?
# 11 BezO @ 06/05/07 12:50 PM
Questions for 360 version:

-Will DEs get up the field on pass plays to contain the QB, or will it be as easy to escape the pocket as it's always been? And will DEs be able to make an attempt at a QB breaking the pocket, or will they be stuck to the tackles again this year?

-Will there be gang tackling? And by gang tackling, I mean 2 or more defenders ENGAGED with the ball carrier AT THE SAME TIME.
# 12 Deanjr @ 06/05/07 01:10 PM
Will user-created camera views return, or will there be a camera view that is closer to the action? Will the chain-gang ever make a return? Watching the spot and measurement is a underrated aspect of football.
# 13 rudyjuly2 @ 06/05/07 01:11 PM
What has been done to fix the kicking game? The new system last year was terrible in that college kickers never missed in the current gen versions. Will the kick accuracy sliders actually work on all difficulty levels?

Has jump the snap been improved or turned off as an option?

Have fumbles been toned down? Will there be a slider for fumbles?

Will the inside running game be a bit better this year? It regressed from '06 imo and most inside runs ended up being bounced outside too often.

How has momentum been tweaked?
# 14 tgray225 @ 06/05/07 03:58 PM
will pc vs pc be in this years version on 360?
# 15 mdurd2817 @ 06/05/07 04:00 PM
Are there any new player ratings/weapons system?

Is there a progressive fatigue system?
# 16 TheGamingChef @ 06/05/07 04:16 PM
Will real 1-AA teams be available on the next-gen version, and will the 1-AA rosters for old-gen (and next-gen if they are there) be updated? The 1-AA rosters for PS2 and Xbox last year were a joke.
# 17 elTodd @ 06/05/07 06:56 PM
Will you be able to have more than one human player on the same team?

Basically, what I'm asking is will me and a buddy be able to play on the same team?
# 18 Rback21 @ 06/05/07 07:03 PM
Will we get the SI covers back for the 360/PS3?

How about the Gameday studio intros?

Has the roster save problem been resolved?
# 19 Rback21 @ 06/05/07 07:17 PM
Do we at least have the option to select what type of playcalling screen is used this year? I don't mind the next gen version when you're playing single player or online but when you're playing against someone who's in the same room...it's a definite NO-GO IMO...
# 20 Rback21 @ 06/05/07 07:36 PM
...ONE more thing...Will NCAA have the "3D" grass and water effects on the field that Madden 07 had? I thought the field degradation and water build-up of games with precipitation were awesome.

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