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EA Won't Bring Every Franchise to Wii

Wired has the scoop.
"You're not going to see every franchise taken to the Wii. Rather than bring the entire portfolio of titles, some of which won't translate well, we're taking those dollars and making original software."

Madden NFL 08 Screenshots (?)

EA Sports have posted some Madden NFL 08 screenshots.
"Enjoy these 4 new Madden NFL 08 screens pulled from the game by our capture team today, including new spectacular catch and toe drag catch shots."

Lay-Offs Hit SCEA HQ Today

Kotaku has the scoop.
"In an effort to accurately align the company to meet the changing needs of our consumers and of our industry, Sony Computer Entertainment America has found it necessary to analyze our current business and to restructure the company as necessary to continue our standing as the market leader," SCEA spokesman Dave Karraker told Kotaku this evening, when contacted for comment. " These restructuring efforts are currently underway and do include the streamlining of our operations and other initiatives to further strengthen the business, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency."

Freestyle Street Basketball Movie Clips (PC)

Yahoo! Video Games have posted some movie clips from Freestyle Street Basketball.
"Freestyle Street Basketball is a massively multiplayer sports game available on the PC platform from Sierra Online.

Since there are so many character combinations available when you begin, Yahoo! obtained a few exclusive tutorial videos to make it easier when you reach decision time."

FIFA 08 Goodies (Multi)

The following sites have posted FIFA 08 goodies:

Playsyde and Xboxyde Updates (PS3, 360)

Playsyde and Xboxyde have posted the following:
  • Q&A Session With Team DiRT (PS3)
    "With less than two weeks until the release of Colin McRae DiRT, we present to you this crazy-long Q&A session with the producer of the game, Alex Grimbley - all brought to you by the XCN network. It covers the most, as the talked-about framerate and Xbox Live mode, and, of course, the dirt itself. Colin McRae Dirt Q&A for XCN Answered by: Alex Grimbley, Producer, Codemasters."
  • Project Gotham Racing 4 Images (360)
    "Microsoft released these images of Project Gotham Racing 4 a while ago, but it seems like we forgot to post them back then. Some of you might have seen them, while some might enjoy them anyway!"
  • Interview With Turn10 (360)
    "Another big racing Q&A today, this time with turn10 and the Lead Designer on Forza Motorsport 2, Dan Greenawalt himself. Inside you'll find surprisingly much talk about Gran Turismo, plus the hype, cockpit view, upcoming Forza games and much more."
  • Q&A Session With Team DiRT (360)
    "Its been a few years since Colin McRae 2005 was released and it was a game we were really proud of, but we wanted to change the direction of the game to reflect the tastes of gamers. Offroad has become a lot more prevalent in motorsport and also the public consciousness and we really wanted to refresh the brand and take it forward in different ways. Its about creating something new while also keeping the existing McRae players satisfied. So we brainstormed lots of different names some of them quite amusing, but I wont go into them but Dirt really captures the dirtier, grittier, muddier aspects of the game."

Hot Shots Golf for GPS - Japanese Trailer

Super Mogura Tennis - Japanese Trailer

Pro Baseball Online - Japanese Trailer

Other Stuff...

Jeez, we have to wait ANOTHER day for the NBA Finals to start. How rediculous is that?

Anyways, not much going on other than a huge cram session w/ my studies. I'm really hoping to take the test early next week, possibly even Friday of this week, if I feel comfortable w/ it.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Have any pets?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

cbjr, FAIRDALE_KINGS (33), lionsfan49 (29), powhitetrash (29)

Member Comments
# 1 Shaver @ 06/06/07 07:51 AM
QOTD: Yep... my Golden Retriever - Vegas... and my girls have a cat named Scarlet
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 06/06/07 07:55 AM
QOTD - no, but if you ask my wife, she'll say she has 1 (me)
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 06/06/07 08:00 AM
I'm not as anxious for the Finals to start. I'm still enjoying the fact that we beat the Pistons for the Eastern crown (sorry Steve).

QOTD: Two cats, Saffron (orange) and Libby (black). We've had Saffron since she was a kitten (3 years) and we adopted Libby about a year ago (she's 4) to give Saffron a buddy. I was never a cat person until we got them, but they're pretty fun to have around.
# 4 JohnnytheSkin @ 06/06/07 08:19 AM
QOTD: No pets, but we've thought about getting a puppy for my son. We might just buy him a goldfish.
# 5 Bizzy Da Kid @ 06/06/07 08:21 AM
QOTD: One dog (Bullmastiff), one cat and one fish.

Im looking into purchasing a Parrot/Macau type bird, that would be sweet!!
# 6 nyisles16 @ 06/06/07 08:21 AM
QOTD- sadly, about 2 months ago, we had to put our dog, Boomer (English Springer) to sleep... (still miss him ) right now, no pet
# 7 Acid @ 06/06/07 08:56 AM
QOTD: No, I'm allergic to both cats and dogs, so having a pet would suck.
# 8 slickdtc @ 06/06/07 08:57 AM
QOTD: Oh yes, we do.

2 dogs, Taffy (border collie/golden retriever) and Digger (black lab)
6 cats, Racoon (calico), Hobbes (he's grey), Missa (calico), Shay (black and white), Silky (all black), and Benny (orange)
2 ferrets, Pepe (all white) and Stinky (darker and white)

It's a freaking farmmmmmm around here.
# 9 ZM Punk @ 06/06/07 12:14 PM
QOTD: Yes I have a Black Lab named Lucy.
# 10 Pete1210 @ 06/06/07 12:20 PM
QOTD: A cat named Mr. Orange and a parakeet named Fred (his partner Ethel passed away). My daughter is pushing hard for a puppy.
# 11 The GIGGAS @ 06/06/07 12:29 PM
A dog, Nibbles, who we've had for damn near 10 years, a cat, Panther (nickname: Stupid Cat), who's neurotic, and my goldfish, Gale.
# 12 Beantown @ 06/06/07 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by slickdtc
QOTD: Oh yes, we do.

2 dogs, Taffy (border collie/golden retriever).
We have a cat named Taffy.
# 13 mgoblue @ 06/06/07 01:42 PM
QOTD: 1 cat, white/black/brown stripey cat named Calli
# 14 MNOFSTEEL34 @ 06/06/07 05:27 PM
I have a black weiner dog named max!!!!
# 15 racerx @ 06/06/07 06:52 PM
We have 2 Siberian Huskies (Jewel and Brunan)
# 16 rock85 @ 06/06/07 11:14 PM
I have a Boxer named Capone

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