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The Prodigal Son - APF 2K8 Article

5WG has posted an article entitled, The Prodigal Son.
"When the NFL greedily insisted on offering an exclusive license for it’s video-game products, it knew all along that only one company would win the bid - Electronic Arts, who ponied up enough dough to make stockholders nervous in order to seal the deal for Madden’s de jure domination.

It’s panned out, of course - like quasi-monopolies always do - but consumers lost out on the best NFL game on the market when the NFL 2K series, a critically acclaimed - and yes, superior - title vanished from the marketplace after the smaller developer couldn’t match the cash in mighty EA’s coffers."

FIFA vs. Pro Evolution Soccer

Eurogamer has posted an article comparing the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer series.
"Now, I'm not N'Gai Croal, and Rich Melville's not Stephen Totilo. In fact, we don't really know who those people are - we just got sent this link and they sound important. But while we'd like to say today's good-humoured squabble over the relative merits of Pro Evolution Soccer and the latest FIFA is inspired by their antics, we're going to go with the real explanation: EA and our publisher thought it was a good idea, and when we started talking about it we sort of agreed.

So, what follows is a chat between a PES fan (Tom) and a FIFA fan (Rich), aimed at putting the former's historical merits into the brand new context of the shiny FIFA games we got to play in Canada. The exchange below is ripped verbatim from our emails, and any suggestion that it was painstakingly stage-managed - or that we deliberately set each other up for fluid counter-points so it didn't descend into witless farce - are so far wide of the mark that Frank Lampard's feeling better already. And yes, I have done that one again. Read on, and try to believe."

Need for Speed ProStreet Preview (PS3)

PSX Extreme has posted their preview of Need for Speed ProStreet.
"EA also plans to change the typical linear progression of their flagship racer, as they intend to include what’s known as “Race Weekends.” These individual races and events take place on the weekends – duh – and take place in locations all over the world. Furthermore, it’s not just about racing and finishing first; you’ll be tackling a variety of challenges ranging from drift and drag to speed “missions,” and that’s how you will advance in rank. The ultimate goal is to achieve the enviable label of “Street King,” which can only happen after you’ve beaten the best of the best during each event. There’s even a Story Mode to accompany this new title, and it will clearly be the crux of the gameplay, complete with cut-scenes and even brief narratives. Obviously, this is another departure from the same ‘ol same ‘ol in the NFS series, and again, depending on your own opinions, this is either an upgrade or a drawback."

Disney Forza Motorsport 2 Cars (360)

Think you can create some nice car skins for Forza Motorsport 2? You ain't got nothin' on this guy.
"I have a strong passion for animation and the entire library of Disney characters. I also love cars and racing. So I thought, what would happen if my two favorite things crashed together in an accident of awesomeness. Thanks to Forza Motorsports 2, I was able to find out."

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What's up with you?
  • Q'sOTD: When growing up, which athlete did you try to mimic? Which athlete did you look up to? Also, did you watch the Ducks win the Cup, or just catch the highlights or news of it?

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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 06/07/07 11:13 AM
QOTD: Bernie Kosar. He was probably my favorite athlete growing up. When we played backyard football as kids, I always played quarterback and I threw sidearm/three quarters like Bernie. I thought I was similar to Bernie because I was smart and not particularily athletic.
# 2 Pete1210 @ 06/07/07 11:20 AM
QOTD: I watched some of the Cup Finals. Parts of the game 2, 3 and 5, most of game 4.
On the athete, I admired Bryan Trottier. Partly because I got his autograph after a game and I remember him being really patient and nice with the fans.
# 3 nyisles16 @ 06/07/07 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by mike95
QOTD: I watched some of the Cup Finals. Parts of the game 2, 3 and 5, most of game 4.
On the athete, I admired Bryan Trottier. Partly because I got his autograph after a game and I remember him being really patient and nice with the fans.
yes -- leave it to an Islander to be nice

QOTD- caught bits & pieces of the actual game, & when I finally put down Forza for the night caught the ceremony.. though Ducks/Sens final was not "high" on my list..

ps- a shout out to Wang for listening to the fans & saying "SEE YA, YASHIN!"


the '86 Mets for one , paying some ball in the backyard (especially the Straw, & Sid when I pitched -- hey, I was a little round & a lefty myself).. also would say "Fruit Loops" Tettleton & Julio Franco
# 4 Easton @ 06/07/07 12:11 PM
QOTD: I was a huge Dale Murphy fan growing up, and I tried to imitate him as much as I could.

Didn't watch a single minute of the Finals. I'm a huge hockey fan, but the NHL lost me this year. I'm not sure why. Probably a combination of things, but oh well.
# 5 kennytomson @ 06/07/07 12:16 PM
QOTD: Kelly Slater. He's a little goofy, and in surfing you definitly lose a little of your 'cool edge' if you admit to being a fan of his. But the guy has the perfect surf stlye and technigue. Anyone who grew up surfing the last 20 years say they didn't try to surf like him, they're lying.

QOTD 2: I admire hockey players and their sport, but it's a canadian sport. I have no connection to it growing up here in flroida.
# 6 ExtremeGamer @ 06/07/07 12:40 PM
QOTD - Mark McGwire, even did my batting stance like his.

QOTD 2- It's hockey, who cares. I don't have VS, haven't watched 3 seconds of the entire season, let alone the Stanley Cup. Without seeing ESPN.com this morning, would have had no idea. I seriously thought it had already ended.
# 7 bjf1377 @ 06/07/07 01:12 PM
QOTD #1 - I always tried to mimic David Robinson & Dan Marino cause they were by far my two favorite athletes. However the most I have mimicked someone is Albert Pujols cause I use his stance whenever we play softball cause that's the best stance for me to get hits with.

QOTD #2 - No. Sad thing is I used to be a huge Anaheim, and NHL in general, fan
# 8 The GIGGAS @ 06/07/07 01:55 PM
I have Ken Griffey's batting stance.
# 9 JohnnytheSkin @ 06/07/07 03:27 PM
QOTD: When I was playing youth sports, I followed two. In Little League, it was Ken Griffey Jr. I tried to emulate his stance and wore #24...though I played both corners in the infield. With football, it was Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, though that was ONLY on the street in the neighborhood. I played defense and never found one who I liked at the time (though I started paying attention to Steve Atwater when I moved to safety).

As for the Stanley Cup, I watched them once they moved to NBC, and even during Forza matches was listening to the game. The NHL DESPERATELY needs a TV contract with something other than Outdoor/Vs or what have you.
# 10 Acid @ 06/07/07 03:30 PM
Today's been weird, it was my last day of HS. I already miss it.

QOTD: I love Ken Griffey Jr, so I would always use his stance in Little League. When I would play basketball, I'd try to mimic my game to Allen Iverson's, even though I'm not fast and I'm pretty awful dribbler. :y4: Nowadays, in soccer, I try to mimic my game after Michael Essien, I play wherever and I always seem to be around the ball wherever it is on the field.

QOTD2: Watched parts of it, I was hoping to get tickets to the game, but that obviously didn't happen.
# 11 TheGamingChef @ 06/07/07 06:04 PM
QOTDA: Nope, don't care about hockey one bit.

QOTDB: While I was playing baseball in elementary/middle school and stuff, I'd try to hit like Mark McGwire, but then I'd do the Sammy Sosa hop if I hit a HR. Nowadays I mimic Albert Pujols' stance, and it's really improved my power.

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