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Forza Motorsport 2 Car Tuning - A Way of Life (360)

The Forza Motorsport 2 blog has been updated with another article, this one entitled, Car Tuning - A Way of Life.
"Our resident driving expert and Forza 2 overlord Albus (look him up on the scoreboards) has imparted some wisdom for all players on how to tune your car for 10/10ths performance on the track. Here it is, completely unabridged and mostly unedited. He sends these blog entries over in email fairly randomly so I can say that we're going to have more of these -- I just don't know when!"

EA Titles Coming to Mac

GamesIndustry has the details.
"According to EA, the first four titles to be released on the OSX this summer will be Command & Conquer 3, Battlefield 2142, Need For Speed Carbon and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Later on in the year, Madden NFL 08 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 will arrive on Mac at the same time they are released for consoles."

Tony Hawk's Project 8 For $39.99 (PS3)

PSX Extreme has the scoop.
"The mega-retailer is now listing a couple big-name PS3 games well below the standard MSRP of $60. As you can see by the link, Virtua Fighter 5 is now $39.99 ($20 below regular retail) and they've given Tony Hawk's Project 8 the same price tag ($10 below regular retail). We're not sure how long this will last for - if it is indeed a promotion - or if it's a permanent price reduction. However, cheaper is cheaper, so take advantage!"

Madden 08 Won't Use Friend Codes (Wii)

N-Europe has the story.
"The game will feature online 2 player Exhibiton matches (ranked or unranked), updated rosters, leader boards and text chat. The online will work with the EA Nation Persona system, which doesn't use friend codes or the Wii console code, instead it will search for online players and you can manage your friends with the EA Messenger account."

Madden Wins Spike TV Award

Kotaku has the scoop.
"Proving once again that men (or at least men who watch Spike TV) like their violence packaged in spandex pants, Madden NFL '07 has grabbed the award for the "Game with the Most Game" category in the Guy's Choice awards. The show doesn't premiere until the 13th of June, but is this really a spoiler for those who wanted to watch the awards?"

FIFA 08 - Teaser

All-Pro Football 2K8 - Best of the Best Interview

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge (PSP)

Other Stuff...

I signed up for a gym membership last night and worked out. There were some absolutely HUGE guys in there and hell, one lady in there had bigger guns than I have. I guess I have some motivation now, lol.

Not much else, just studying. I'm going to go ahead and take the test on Friday.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Which football game are you looking forward to the most?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

Mashiasu, BiPolarGamer (34), candyman56 (30), enuggz (28), glend23 (27), acbate$ (27), williamson13 (27), TimmeH (21), STH_MEM (21)

Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 06/12/07 08:52 AM
QOTD - NCAA Football 08, can't wait for it.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 06/12/07 09:14 AM
QOTD: Can't even think about football until the Finals are over. If I get a 360 I'll probably check out both Madden and 2k before buying one, but if not, I'll stick with Madden.
# 3 nyisles16 @ 06/12/07 09:15 AM
Now on my third day of much needed vacation... everyone is gearing up for my brother's wedding on Friday... tomorrow is a day of fishing & then the Yankee game at night.. Thursday is the tux fitting & rehearsal dinner...

QOTD: none atm...
# 4 aukevin @ 06/12/07 09:17 AM
QOTD: I'm planning on getting NCAA at the end of August with a new PS3, then Madden a couple months after that.
# 5 shaq @ 06/12/07 09:20 AM
QOTD: most likely both madden and all-pro 2k8
# 6 Pete1210 @ 06/12/07 09:46 AM
# 7 ProStylez @ 06/12/07 10:37 AM
My pocket will soon be empty due to the fact that I will own all 3 games, which one I'm looking forward to.....I have no idea!
# 8 JohnnytheSkin @ 06/12/07 11:06 AM
QOTD: NCAA 08...hands down. Despite not being a die-hard follower of a Division I-A team (went to a Div. II school), I get more enjoyment out of NCAA then any other football game annually. The online against OS'ers is a blast, and I just love the atmosphere and gameplay of the NCAA series uber alles!
# 9 jake44np @ 06/12/07 11:56 AM
NCAA 2008 for sure!
And now Madden 08 after watching the trailer for APF 2K8.
I really think alot of people are going to be dissapointed with 2K's football game.
# 10 Behindshadows @ 06/12/07 01:40 PM
QOTD - APF 2k8 All the way.....
# 11 The GIGGAS @ 06/12/07 02:05 PM
APF 2k8, followed closely by NCAA.
# 12 luv_mist @ 06/12/07 02:05 PM
Already pre-ordered APF 2K8 but I'll be out of town when it's released. Hopefully I find a way to come back for a short while since my 360 will be with me. We'll see though.......
# 13 mgoblue @ 06/12/07 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
QOTD - NCAA Football 08, can't wait for it.
QFT...the one game I'll go out at midnight for every year and love it...
# 14 TheGamingChef @ 06/12/07 02:20 PM
No question, NCAA 08. Although Madden is really impressing me, and APF has kind of let me down... I'll probably rent both of those.

But I will be getting NCAA 08 on release day, no question. Just like every year .
# 15 ZM Punk @ 06/12/07 02:37 PM
QOTD: After reading about all of the gameplay adjustments. I must say that I am anticipating Madden the most.
# 16 B-Wills @ 06/12/07 06:02 PM
QOTD: All Pro Football 2k8
# 17 Slymm @ 06/12/07 09:34 PM
When does APF come out?
# 18 racerx @ 06/12/07 10:11 PM
NCAA 08!!!!!
# 19 Steve_OS @ 06/12/07 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by Slymm
When does APF come out?
7/16. A day before NCAA 08.
# 20 ExtremeGamer @ 06/13/07 07:16 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
7/16. A day before NCAA 08.
I forgot about that...great, Um, yeah, I won't be around that week, yeah, that's the ticket. The forums are going to EXPLODE!

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