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  • NASCAR 08 Updated Hands-On Preview (PS3)
    "The first thing you'll notice about NASCAR 08 is the improved visual fidelity of the game when compared with older versions on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. NASCAR 08 features big, solid-looking car models and places a bigger emphasis on environmental effects, such as lighting, which can have tangible effects on your race. Lighting in NASCAR 08 is dynamic, and as the sun travels its arc during a race, you'll notice a difference in how the track is presented. This can have consequences, such as when the sunlight is bearing directly into your field of view, that essentially blind you around certain turns."
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Hands-On Preview (360)
    "Perhaps the most exciting addition to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is the GamerNet feature, which places a new emphasis on player-created content and a sense of community for the series. GamerNet will not only give you an opportunity to show off your best performances and shots online by posting replays of them, but will also let you challenge other players to improve upon them according to criteria that you've chosen. You can set challenges for a single shot, one hole, nine holes, or a full course of 18, and the list of criteria available to you will be determined by your performance. If you hit a tee shot on a par 3 that hits a tree before bouncing on the fairway and landing on the green, for example, your options (you can choose up to three) might include drive distance, distance to pin, hitting a tree, bounce zone, shot height, and stop zone."
  • DiRT v1.1 Patch (PC)
    "This patch includes a number of bug fixes and several game tweaks."

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