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  • Tiger Woods 08 Preview (360)
    "After blasting a 350 yard drive off of the first tee - a Par 4, 423-yard hole - with Mr. Woods I immediately checked the simplicity of saving a clip to upload to GamerNet. Luckily it was as easy as pressing start and selecting to save your clip: easy as pie. Actually setting the challenge and point levels would take place once you upload your piece to GamerNet. It's also important to remember that you aren't forced to upload true golf accomplishments. You can blast a driver from the fairway into a crowd of people and see how many you hit, or bounce it on the cart path and count how many times the ball bounces on the pavement. Either can be set for winning criteria on GamerNet."
  • Tiger Woods 08 Preview (PS3)
    "Three-click hitting probably won't be used much when you're hitting from the fairway or tee box, but it's very helpful for those in-between shots. Like when the game tells you to hit 68% of full power. Previously there would be no real way other than guesstimating at what 68% of the animation was, so now there's a true meter to let you know."
  • Madden NFL 08 Blog Update: Sideline Catches, a Return to Greatness
    "Hello again faithful blog readers…welcome back for another installment of game play goodness by your old pal Ian Cummings. I was really happy to see the feedback from my last post regarding gang tackles, so here's another follow up for a highly requested video...sideline catches. This should give you an idea of what to expect in this area for Madden NFL 08. Disclaimer again - this isn't slick editing or marketing approved really - just me and an extra 5 minutes of my day. There's not all that much to explain either - I think it speaks for itself, but some key points."
  • NASCAR 08 Movie Clips (PS3)
  • NASCAR 08 Movie Clips (360)

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