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PSX Extreme has posted their preview of Madden NFL 08.
"Some of the best changes may be the most subtle, but veteran fans will immediately take notice. For example, when a receiver goes over the middle, he’s often doing so at great risk to life and limb…in real life, anyway. In Madden, it was never such a bad thing, and it actually gave your receiver a bit of an edge to get away from the sidelines. But that’s one of the first things EA is changing, because you had best not make a habit of going over the middle in this new installment. You can really get nailed this time around, and if you get hit just right, the defender will successfully knock the ball from your hands. In addition, the infuriating “got caught in the catch animation” problem should disappear as well: the instant you catch a ball, you will have control of that player. Now that’s something we’ve been hoping to see for quite a long time, so kudos on the receiving end of things, EA."

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