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  • Madden '08 Training Camp - Catching Tendencies
    "Learning your opponent's tendencies is the key to eventually taking over a game defensively in Madden. Almost every good Madden player will score on their first possession of the game. However, the best defensive players will make their opponents slowly work their way up the field as they gather bits of information that will benefit them later in the game. In this article we're going to showcase some of the common tendencies that are seen in the Madden world. Check it out!"
  • Track Feature #3 Sin City, Las Vegas Motor Speedway
    "Ah, Las Vegas, the Sin City. Vegas is a fun time for drivers on the NASCAR circuit as many drivers hold poker tournaments and like to go hit up the casino's while they look to enjoy themselves before they hit the track for some side by side racing. But the racing itself could be said differently. Many drivers are not happy with the new configuration as they felt the old, 9 degree banked track was really starting to come into it's own. With new pavement, it could take up to 4 years to get good side-by-side racing without having to worry about destroying your racecar. The first race proved to be more side-by-side and single file racing as the top groove seemed to be the groove with the most grip. The low groove had some grip but, Hendrick Motorsports driver Kyle Busch learned the hard way, that on old tires it's nearly impossible to pass, as he wrecked in the closing laps during the March 2007 race."

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