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EA Sports have posted the following blog updates:
  • The Hidden Layer of Madden NFL 08
    "Hey, what痴 going on gamers? I知 Danny Doeberling, a producer on the gameplay team currently handling all things post play. I知 here today to talk about some of the fun stuff that I知 working on that I think you値l enjoy stumbling on when the game finally gets to your living room.

    Every year, we always concentrate on how we can improve gameplay, including but not limited to the main features that we will be attacking this year. Trust me, we all get attached to different features during the planning stages and unfortunately they don稚 all make it in the game (Read Ian痴 first blog because he can attest to it). Once those things have been fleshed out we always try set aside a little time to do some of the cool hidden moments though. These are the things that the casual fan would say 努ow how did I do that? while the hardcore Madden player would say 努asn稚 that was the celebration that he did in the third quarter of the playoffs to take the lead against the Jets?"
  • NHL 08 Producer Blog: Gameplay Improvements
    "From now until we ship, the NHL 08 producers will be keeping you updated on the progress of NHL 08. I would like to start by thanking everyone who played NHL 07. After reading your forum feedback, reviews, and sales numbers from around the world, there is no doubt that NHL 07 was a huge success. That said, we know what you want improved for NHL 08, and we are aiming to deliver exactly that...plus much more. The Skill Stick was only the beginning. When we look on YouTube and see thousands of moves and goals that you created, we knew that we wanted that to permeate into each and every area of the game. We don't want to give you canned moves or only one way to score goals. As you will start to see over the next few months, stickhandling, shooting, and skating are not the only areas we are doing this."
  • NHL 08 Fan Voice: 2007 NHL Entry Draft
    "The NHL season is almost over. The Ducks are the champions, Crosby is the Hart Trophy winner, and hopes for next season are starting to come about. But wait. One more event must take place to officially signal the end of the 2006-2007 NHL season. The NHL Entry Draft is on Thursday June 22nd in Columbus, Ohio. The Bluejackets will host the event from their own Nationwide Arena. Not a lot of hype going into this year's draft. There are some gems however.
    For this information, I looked to our NHL community members for some insight into who to look out for. I had my own thoughts, but our community guys are really vocal about who should go where."

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