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  • Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Hands On Preview for PC, PS3, 360
    "Quite literally, you can spend weeks with just the customization. There are 90 cars total, but every little thing about the cars can be tuned, changed out, or tinkered with. The whole emphasis with this mode is to show the player that they are actually making changes to the car: far too often do racers have "customized" parts that just raise a stat or change the color. Juiced 2 breaks it down into visual changes and actual performance changes. The visual changes are quite widespread: you can change everything from the hood, headlights, side skirts, side mirrors, doors (who doesn't like doors that flip up?), spoilers and countless other things. Oh, and rims. Twenty inch rims are not key-- they are necessary. After you're done tinkering with this, you can push a button and have all of the added parts break outward and hover over the car: showing you exactly what you've done. It's a neat effect and really highlights the work you put into a car."
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