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  • SEGA Rally First Impressions (PS3, PC, 360)
    "Surface deformation might sound spoddy, then, but it's sailed in under the aegis of fun. "The original arcade game was groundbreaking; for me it was a milestone in off-road racing. It was really the first game where you really felt in control of a car off-road," Wilday explains. "What we wanted to do here was something else that was new and original that again was going to be another milestone; that was going to be the first game where you actually feel the surface changing and evolving underneath you, and across a number of laps the race is different." At this point it dawns on us that while SEGA Rally 12 years ago couldn't have dreamed of it, in a sense the essence of what surface deformation offers the 2007 vintage is the strongest link between the two games we could've hoped for: the desire to innovate rather than rehash."
  • Racing Studio Wants Pre-Release SEGA Rally Demos for PS3/360
    "SEGA Racing Studio's new vision of SEGA Rally should be arriving on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network in demo form prior to release.

    Racing Studio boss Guy Wilday also told Eurogamer that the team is currently targeting a September release for the game across PS3, Xbox 360, PC and PSP.

    "We'll look to do potentially 360 and PS3 downloadable demos before release," Wilday said of the demo, although he admitted that content plans weren't locked down."

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