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  • Madden '08 Training Camp - Containing the Tight End
    "There are really only two main routes that you should account for when attempting to defend against the tight end. Those two routes are the post route and the corner route. There are many other ways to utilize the tight end in the passing game, but these two routes will consistently do the most damage. In this article, SportsGamer's going to take a look at a couple quick adjustments that can be made to better defend against an opponent who likes to go to their tight end."
  • Madden '08 Training Camp - Defending Deep
    "Preventing your opponent from beating you deep should be your biggest concern when on defense, especially early in the game. Fortunately, EA always does a great job of providing us with quick adjustments that can be made before the play begins to strengthen any weaknesses found on the field. In this example we're going to showcase one way in particular to greatly decrease your opponent's chances for completing a long bomb against you for an easy six points."

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