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  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 Preview
    "Now, all that really matters is that the franchise retains its simulated yet accessible gameplay, and here’s where things get interesting. Throughout the duration of the franchise, players would almost always utilize the analog swing mechanic, which had you pulling back on the stick to start the swing, and pushing forward – as accurately as possible – to complete the swing. The other major golf franchise in the video game world, Hot Shots Golf always featured the three-tap swing system, where you’d press a button to start the power gauge, press it again to set the power appropriately, and as the bar comes back, hit the button a third time to set the accuracy. The reason we mention this contrast is simple: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is now including this swing format as an option to go along with the traditional analog mechanic."
  • Wipeout HD Coming To PSN This Year
    "Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has been showcasing the PSP sequel, Wipeout Pulse, for a while now, but PS3 owners really want to know about the next-gen project. Sony's Liverpool studio director Clemens Wangerin confirmed the game in an issue of Develop magazine, so 1Up contacted Game Director Tony Buckley for more info. As it turns out, they're preparing Wipeout HD, a surprising little title that is expected to be revealed before August...and possibly, at E3 this month. And it's only the "first step," as the "major" PS3 Wipeout title will hit some time in 2008."

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