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GameSpot has posted their hands-on preview of All-Pro Football 2K8.
"In terms of new mechanics, the game is boasting an improved kick meter that will require you to push forward with the right stick in time with the motion of the kicker's foot, and an intriguing new reach feature that will help you make tackles. To enable it, you simply push the right stick right, left, or forward, which will cause your controlled player to stick out a hand in the same direction and help you bring down a player that might otherwise get away. It's a great way to fill up holes that a quarterback might try to sneak through, or chase down a player who's running away from you in the open field (that's a horse collar tackle, and unlike in the No Fun League, it's legal in APF 2K8). You'll also be able to take advantage of your stars in the playbook by choosing plays that are centered around the best players on your team."

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