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  • Burnout Paradise Screenshots (360)
  • Burnout Paradise Screenshots (PS3)
  • Pre-E3 2007: Burnout Paradise Hands-on (360)
    "But when we finally sat down to the play the game for ourselves, it quickly became apparent that there's a whole lot more to Burnout Paradise than its acoustic performance. The game is already a technical champion with highly-impressive displays that show off what the PS3 and Xbox 360 can really do. For proof, smash into something and watch what happens. The deformation of a car when it hits a pole at 100 MPH is highly-impressive; it'll wrap around its unlucky target exactly the way Crash Test Dummy rides do in those popular safety videos. Hit it with enough force, and you may even see the engine go barreling through the rear windshield with shards of glass and metal flying everywhere. Sometimes, cars can even be torn in half. It's awesome!"
  • Pre-E3 2007: Burnout Paradise Hands-on (PS3)
    "Even better is how Criterion is handling online play. Unlike most videogames that have lobbies and other middle-man programs to prepare you for the race to come, Burnout Paradise makes everything seamless. Simply locate a traffic light and friend via in-game buddy list, invite him to race, and when he accepts... BOOM! You're online immediately and ready to go. Keep in mind, this entire process happens without any interruptions or menu screens whatsoever. It's easily the most convenient multiplayer feature we've seen and will likely be the standard from its release point forward (and yes, we saw it demoed in real time on the PS3. Supposedly, it'll work the same on 360 as well)."
  • NHL 08 Screenshots (PS3)
  • Pre-E3 2007: Hands-on NHL 08 (PS3)
    "For over a decade and a half now EA's NHL series has brought the fastest, purest, most intense puck experience imaginable on home consoles. The series began with NHL Hockey in 1991, and with every iteration the franchise has grown in both gameplay and visual realism. Now that we're entering the HD era, all eyes are on the NHL vs. 2K rivalry to see which hockey source has what it takes to achieve true realism. E3 is on the horizon, and while we can't give you our final say on the NHL 08 vs. 2K8 grudge match, we can confidently and irrevocably state that NHL 08 is the more realistic hockey experience we've ever played, period."

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