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Eurogamer has posted Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 previews for the following consoles:
  • Playstation 3
    "How far you can draw or fade is based on the particular abilities of the golfer you're playing, but the system itself is incredibly easy to understand - you simply see a large pulsating circle on the fairway representing your target area, and nudge it left or right with the bumpers on the control pad.

    Similarly, a new putt preview system massively simplifies the task of working out the exact lie of the green, showing you exactly how a ball will travel along the surface. The idea, Goedde confides, was largely lifted from a system used by televised tournaments on the Golf Channel. It's all part of what the team sees as its goal with the Tiger franchise; make things more strategic and involving, rather than simply more difficult."
  • Nintendo Wii
    "Being a Wii game, it won't surprise anyone to discover that there's a party mode in the mix, which sets challenges for up to four players to compete in. The foursomes mode is, perhaps, more interesting; a form of four-player game, it lets the players who aren't at the tee try and put their opponents off by encouraging crowd noise, playing with the screen or even making gusts of wind appear. Only time will tell if this is infuriating or fun, but it's original, at least.

    On a more practical note, the team has also completely rebuilt the swing system used by the game, following feedback from the first iteration of Tiger on the Wii. It claims to have done massive play-testing of different swing systems using the Wiimote, and the solution it has reached is certainly an interesting one - and quite a departure from its previous approach."

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