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NintendoWorldReport has posted some impressions from the following games:
  • NBA Live 08
    "For the times I was driving to the hoop, a "dunk now" indicator appeared, prompting me to throw it down with authority. This too is done with a similar controller motion, in this case a literal "slam" of the Wii remote, like you were rotating your wrist to slam the ball through the top of the hoop. The motion is fun to do, and it's satisfying when you nail it. The timing to perform the dunks was not always the same when I played the game, but that is likely a consequence of it still being in an early playable state."
  • Madden NFL 08
    "The telestrator is a simple addition to the game, but it increases the fun factor by a big number. EA is betting that it, as well as the Family Mode control scheme, will open up Madden football to a much more casual audience. The Family controls in Madden are the most basic of the three games that have incorporated it so far, with users playing without a nunchuk essentially only being able to pass and stiff-arm during offensive gameplay. As complicated as Madden can get, that's not really such a bad thing. And because there are so many football fans out there that don't play football games, it might just be the thing to get that expanded audience it is making an effort to go after."

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