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PSX Extreme has posted impressions from the following games:
  • Sega Rally Revo (PS3)
    "Track design is precisely the Sega Rally standard that we first witnessed when the arcade game debuted over a decade ago. Deformation, such as leaving mud trails, was definitely very impressive. With every pass of the same spot, you'll notice that your previous pass deformed the track. There's a pretty solid degree of variation in the deformation of the track road, and it comes off quite nice. As you pass over the mud, or snow, your car will pick up a lot of it too. Thankfully, when you're racing, you have pretty slick controls at your disposal, so the experience is instantly engaging."
  • NBA 08 (PSP)
    "From the hands-on time I had with the game, the game didn't really seem too different than NBA 07. The biggest problem I noticed with the game was that the A.I. always seemed to bunch themselves up too close to the net and that quickly became bothersome. The visuals looked decent, but nothing different than last year's game. Likewise, the game still controls mostly the same from what I saw."
  • NBA 08 (PS3)
    "NBA 08 for the PS3 demonstrated tons of player maneuverability, as the game grants an excess amount of control over the team and their actions. You can pick go to guys and command them with an action to perform, or you can take matters into your own hands. There's a great deal of Sixaxis use; when you're on the offensive, moving around the Sixaxis controls the hand movements of the player. So raising the controller makes the ball-carrier raise the ball up, preventing your guard from stealing it. Move the control left or right, and the ball-carrier follows accordingly by keeping the ball away - just like a real player would. On defense, raising your controller up and down controls the hands of your selected player. So if you're trying to get in the face of a ball-carrier, raise the Sixaxis and worsen the chance of his shot. Likewise, if you're trying to get a steal, keep your controller down and try swiping the ball out of your opponent's hands."

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