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I'll be updating our All Pro Football 2K8 page again today with answers to your questions. I've locked the topic in the APF Forum for the time being, as I have a lot of catching up to do.
LBzrule: Steve here is the big question for DB play zone (cover 2 and cover 3) and man coverage. Hot audible the outside WR to a Quick Corner. How well does the DB cover that in all of those scenarios? On All Pro and Legend levels.

Operation Sports: Man, the AI is fairly smart, I'll give them that. If you have a gold legend defending, and make the hot route, the defense changes a little bit, instead of playing loose, they may come up close or step back 5 yards. I've seen generics come up and bump, only to get toasted on a fly route. I've had a few pump and go's against generics and a few bronze players that have worked. Had a real nice floater from Cunningham to Rice last night as he tippy toed the endline in the endzone, must have replayed it about 20 times. BTW, the mobile QB's like Cunningham and Young can throw on the run, others like Aikman and Marino can't do it AT ALL.

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# 1 wwharton @ 07/12/07 09:36 AM
you should throw that replay in a vid so we can watch it 20 times too.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 07/12/07 09:40 AM
I wish I could get my hardware to work.
# 3 dkrause1971 @ 07/12/07 10:06 AM
Could you go into a bit more detail about the CAPs? Can you only use names from a database? Is the rumor that gold is only 3 abilities instead of the max five like the regular gold true?

Also, is the game better than you thought it would be? more challenging, fun, whatever you want to classify as better.

Lastly, in the short time you played it. Did you feel any one position is a must to use a silver or gold at? ie maybe a legend or two at CB is a must.
# 4 tutata @ 07/12/07 10:15 AM
Hi Steve,

Can you comment on how the defense reacts to a scrambling QB. Does the QB Spy feature work better than 2k5.

# 5 Crowza @ 07/12/07 10:27 AM
Can you rename your team to anything you'd like or do you need to use the predefined team names? Can you try out the online leagues and let us know how they compare to ESPN NFL 2k5? Also, is the "tapping to run faster" in the game like in 2k5? Thanks in advance.
# 6 Zedox @ 07/12/07 10:34 AM
1. What is your biggest gripe with the game, gameplay-wise?

2. I know there is Halftime and Post Game shows, is there a "SportsCenter"? If you looked at the end of one of the weeks in season that is. I know you simmed, just wondering if you just pondered that.

3. Just basing this on your one day of playing, would you have bought this game? (I already know I am, just a question for the others that might need a push or pull)
# 7 TheBadazz @ 07/12/07 12:29 PM
Have you played against a moblie QB? If so, did he take off after getting too much pressure? (ala Mike Vick)
# 8 thesillyputty1 @ 07/12/07 01:15 PM
how many players are you allowed to create?
# 9 walliworld @ 07/12/07 04:36 PM
hello, thanks for answering all the questions and feeback! it's getting me really pumped for the game. I think it's going to be great!

I have one question, in 2K5, after scoring a touchdown, you could press a button and do a celebration, in 2K8, can the defense do a celebration? say after a Big play or big hit? that would be kool...
# 10 Candyman5 @ 07/12/07 05:29 PM
I thought I asked this already but I couldn't find it in the other Q&A Thread.
Are you able to have more than one player on a team(Co-Op)? If so how many? Like I said if you answered this already I apologize.
# 11 Steve_OS @ 07/12/07 10:02 PM
Threw up a quick update, gonna play now.
# 12 noplace @ 07/12/07 11:22 PM
Steve? Have you comfirmed if we could change helmet colors & if there are global colors for helmets?

Also roster sizes? How many per team?
# 13 gansito79 @ 07/13/07 12:04 AM
How have the animations and tackling improved from 2k5 to 2k8?
I've seen a few vids out and I'm seeing the same tackles and animations from 2k5. Not much improvement from what i've seen. There is a vid out from madden08 on big hits and tackling, how is All-Pro competing with that?
# 14 TIm @ 07/13/07 05:57 AM
With the time you have spent on this game, What are your general feelings about APF2k8?
# 15 airmcnear @ 07/13/07 11:11 AM
hey on the few demos i watched online i heard a few of the same comments from the commentary that was on 2k5. so is the commentary better or about the same as before?

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