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PSX Extreme has the scoop.
"When it was supposedly confirmed that Madden 08 would only run at 30 frames per second on the PS3 - with the Xbox 360 version running at 60fps - fans immediately felt inclined to opt for the latter version. However, either the information was incorrect, or the initial report simply got the game wrong.

As it turns out, it's NCAA Football 08 that runs at 30fps on the PS3, not Madden. Kendall Boyd, one of the lead developers and producers on NCAA Football 08 made the confirmation in a recent interview, clarifying the situation. He also said there is no delay for the PS3 version of NCAA Football 08, and both games should arrive as scheduled."

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# 1 bcruise @ 07/15/07 02:41 PM
Good news for us PS3 owners. I'm much more likely to believe this now that several sources have reported it. My attention now shifts to the other part of the initial 1up article - the one that stated APF would also be 30 FPS. How do we know that wasn't wrong as well? Was it confirmed anywhere other than that 1up article? And what does 1up have to say about all this?

(I don't think I'm cross posting here, since this is a news desk post and not the Madden board)

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