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Vick, Vick, Vick... Think Goodell is going to sit him down for a bit?

The server downtime last night was a killer. The DB was messed up and SQL wouldn't fire back up, I feel like such a nerd.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Now that most of you have played both games, which do you prefer? NCAA Football 08, All Pro Football 2K8 or are they both keepers?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

nugator, Rush702112 (37), RoSHiJETS10 (20)

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 07/18/07 07:37 AM
QOTD - NCAA then APF. But I'm really enjoying APF, and I'm not a 2K football fan at all. I think I had low expectations, so it's been a surprise for me.
# 2 TJdaSportsGuy @ 07/18/07 07:42 AM

For me, there's no question what is the more polished game. NCAA just feels like a "big budget" game, where as All Pro is a little sloppy and last gen looking. That's not to say All Pro isn't fun, because it is. I've said all along that I love the concept of the game, and the fact that I can use Thurman Thomas (my all-time fav) in an Xbox 360 game without having to create him puts a smile on my face.

All in all though, I see myself putting in WAY more time with NCAA than All Pro. All Pro will be good for a change of pace, but I can't see myself playing more than a few seasons on that game.
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 07/18/07 08:11 AM
It would suck to be a Falcons fan - your new starting QB is Joey Harrington. Ugh.

QOTD: Haven't played either. I'm not a 2k football fan either, but the more I read about APF, the more I'm intrigued. It does sound fun. When (if?) I get a 360, I might have to check it out, but I'll probably end up going with Madden.
# 4 Rback21 @ 07/18/07 08:41 AM
QOTD: They're both keepers. They're both football games but are SO DIFFERENT. I played both in the past and if VC keeps up, I shall continue to do so.
# 5 plasticbeast @ 07/18/07 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by Rback21
QOTD: They're both keepers. They're both football games but are SO DIFFERENT. I played both in the past and if VC keeps up, I shall continue to do so.
I second that post... they are both great games.
# 6 WolverineChamp @ 07/18/07 09:12 AM
NCAA was the only football game i would buy in recent years, but i think I will definitely be buying APF2k. It does offer a different feel, even though its still just another football game.
# 7 TheGamingChef @ 07/18/07 09:18 AM
I played NCAA 08 on the 360 and it is super smooth. I own it for the Xbox however. All I have to say is I'm glad 2K is back in the football world, because it looks like they've made EA stop slacking off and finally put full effort forth. Competition is good!
# 8 SidVish @ 07/18/07 09:46 AM
QOTD: I'll give the slightest of edges to NCAA, but that's just because I'm a huge college sports fan. They're definitely both keepers because I can enjoy my college football as well as relive my childhood football memories taking the gridiron with my ex-Chicago Bears. It's definitely going to be a great football gaming season.
# 9 MachoMyers @ 07/18/07 11:54 AM
I just picked up NCAA yesterday and I love it. Blockbuster didn't have All Pro yesterday so I may just go to Wal Mart and use cash instead of my store credit.
# 10 The GIGGAS @ 07/18/07 11:59 AM
Two things: Brownie edges are horrible... and ReactOS isn't going to last very long without patent infringement.

As for football... I'm having a difficult time in both games. They're both fun, but both very difficult. I'm having trouble building a good team for my play style in APF, and NCAA I can't pass or defend the pass, which is pretty bad for me. I feel like APF has the better passing, but the way it feels is just so different than NCAA.

If I can lock down the building of a team in APF and the passing game in NCAA... I think I'll have fun this year.
# 11 funky_chicken @ 07/18/07 12:07 PM
QOTD - The only football I got was APF 2K8 and the bring time I played last night I really enjoyed the game. This game will be keeping me busy until Madden comes out next month and then my sleep will be even less.
# 12 JohnnytheSkin @ 07/18/07 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by The GIGGAS
Two things: Brownie edges are horrible...
I guess your mom or girlfriend aren't the best bakers! A good dark chocolate and cherry brownie is like manna from heaven (and the edges are firm and chewy w/o the squishy mess). That pan is AWESOME!

The fact that my wife is a superstar baker makes me love her even more!

QOTD: I only have NCAA for now, and it's a lot of fun. I like being able to have a decent run game both inside and outside, and extending drives with 4-6 yard runs is GREAT! I do suck on offense as a whole though, but I'm picking up my reads a bit more (the pocket still isn't that hot) and will hopefully get some more online games with OS'ers tonight and tomorrow.

I'll pick up APF if folks are still playing it a couple weeks from now...being able to play as Elway and Atwater is a VERY enticing proposition.

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