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IGN has posted Rugby 08 interviews for the following systems:
  • Playstation 2
    IGN: "You've been working on the Rugby franchise for some time now - how have you seen it evolve over the last few years and how do you feel this latest version has turned out?"
    Tristan Jackson: "I was lucky enough to have started on the game in 2005, which is when we made the change to that FIFA next-gen technology, when we were able to - for lack of a better term - steal a lot of the technology from FIFA. I think what's happened is that when we got that technology in 2005 it was relatively new technology and it hadn't been adapted for use in a Rugby game where there's 15 per side, 30 people on the field, compared to 22. So in our first year we were sort of fitting that square peg into that round hole, trying to get everything to work, and we made some huge strides that year, but as we've had time with this code over the last three products, it's allowed us to find deficiencies and find areas we can improve the gameplay and improve the engine to work with Rugby's kicking, throwing, all the things you can do."
  • PC
    IGN: "What areas did you specifically focus on to improve, in terms of gameplay for 08, and what would be the main selling point for Rugby 07 owners to upgrade?"
    Tristan Jackson: "With the World Cup of course we focused quite a bit on modes, so we had an unbranded World Championship in the past, and we've gone out and we've signed up with the IRB [International Rugby Board] and got the full World Cup mode this year, which is something that we're very happy with. It's obviously a good opportunity for us so we've got the World Cup mode in there. And then we've introduced the World Cup Challenge mode which is based on historical matches. It's actually a really cool mode just in the way that it allows you to play classic matches and do things in the game that you wouldn't normally do necessarily, so we'll throw you into the game halfway through the match and you might have to kick the ball the length of the field, or do all these different sorts of challenges in areas of the game you may not have explored before."

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