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Pro-G has posted an interview with John Doyle, Producer of Need for Speed ProStreet.
Pro-G: "So where does Pro Street sit on the line that runs from simulation games like Gran Turismo through to arcade games like Ridge Racer?"
John Doyle: "Well, I think if you look at a continuum of racing games, and on one end you have the straight arcade games that Need for speed has been closer to before, and if the other end is Grand Turismo. What we've tried here is to not be on that line at all. We've tried to carve out a new space, which is accessible, so you can pick it up and it's fun and filled with adrenaline and excitement, but at the same time, it feels believable. We think 'simulation' is a bit of a dirty word, because there's this baggage that comes along with it that says the game is punishing, or really not fun, or so realistic it's not accessible, and that's really not what Need for Speed is about. So we're not trying to be a simulation, but we want to be much more believable than a traditional arcade racer."

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