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"With a release date of August 6th it won't be much longer before MotoGP '07 hits store shelves. During E3 we got a chance to take this puppy out for a test drive before it hits retail. MotoGP '07 is the latest addition to a series known for realistic superbike simulation, making it a niche game for a very specific audience. Realistic car racing games are able to grab a decent amount of gamers, but when you switch to racing of the two-wheeled variety the number of people who "get it" seems to take a nosedive. Perhaps it's because racing in a superbike is so distinctly different from racing in a car. Having to deal with leaning back and forth and managing front and rear brakes isn't something your typical motorist just intuitively understands."
"Racing games are typically very structured and rigid. Whether they're realistic or arcadey they all share similar attributes such as "stay within the lines" and "don't go off the track." MX vs. ATV Unleashed takes a different approach and merely suggests that you follow these rules. At anytime during any race you can veer off the track and just drive around for the fun of it. You won't incur any sort of penalty for this, though you won't win the race either. The idea here is for you to do what you feel like doing."

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