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It's Friday! What an extremely long week this has been. I can't wait to relax this weekend...err...who am I kidding, relax on the weekend? That'll be the day...

NFL training camps are opening up everywhere, ahhhhhh, the fresh smell of a new NFL season, go Cowboys!

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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# 1 sbmnky @ 07/27/07 07:38 AM
Right now I'm at work watching the sunrise over the pacific ocean - really the Long Beach harbor. It's amazing how beautiful the sky looks with all the smog in the air! Can't wait to get home and play some more SHOW and NCAA '08!

QOTD: I have to work most of the weekend, but I do get a chance to play some baseball on Sunday. Our adult league team is in the playoffs - hoping to defend our title from last year! Also might be attending a BBQ for my Aunt's birthday Sunday afternoon/evening.
# 2 Behindshadows @ 07/27/07 07:41 AM
QOTD - More APF and NBA 2k7, and Then going to see the Simpsons movie tonight.
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 07/27/07 07:52 AM
It has been a long week. Ok, a long week at work, but time at home goes by fast (as usual).

QOTD: Not much planned for the weekend with the wife in Italy until Sunday. It's going to be the last relaxing weekend I have for the next month with weddings, bachelor parties, etc. There's a chance I could be getting a 360 if I'm able to sell enough of my Transformers to a classic toy shop here in Cleveland. My gaming room isn't really ready for a 360 (need to have a grounded outlet installed and switch entertainment cabinets with another room), but I'm so bored with my Xbox and am ready for some new games.
# 4 boomhauertjs @ 07/27/07 08:11 AM
Massnole, what did the kitten do? I'm guessing it has to do with not finding the litterbox.
# 5 Scott @ 07/27/07 10:51 AM
QOTD: Well my gf is taking me out for my birthday, which is actually on the 16th, we're going to a Japanese Steakhouse. Then, headed to a Foam Party later tonight and an after party after that..should be fun (I hope)...Tomorrow, nothing planned during the day maybe go swimming if the weather is nice here in DFW and then The Simpsons movie that night..then back to work on Sunday.
# 6 JohnnytheSkin @ 07/27/07 11:04 AM
QOTD: More NCAA, mowing the grass, and probably going to a "going away" party for one of my wife's coworkers.
# 7 Pete1210 @ 07/27/07 11:52 AM
QOTD: Took the day off tody for a long weekend. Ended up working in the yard this morning. Visiting my Dad tomorrow and sometime this weekend we will catch the Simpsons movie.
# 8 MachoMyers @ 07/27/07 01:40 PM
QOTD: I work at a bar, so naturally I work all weekend.

Weekends suck.
# 9 McLite @ 07/27/07 09:42 PM
Originally Posted by Xavier12
QOTD: I work at a bar, so naturally I work all weekend.

Weekends suck.
I get to deal with all the drunks that leave the bar. All though I finally have enough seniority on graveyard that I just switched to the Sat/Sun/Mon night off squad. My first time to have Saturday's off in 2 years! And then what do I do...sign up for overtime tomorrow night! Oh well...at least it's good money.

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