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We have just posted our Smash Court Tennis 3 review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"It's been widely stated and often accepted that in the oft debated ďarcade vs simĒ war that sports gamers wage daily, the platform of choice often goes a long way in determining the label that a game receives. Ten years ago, sports gamers who wanted the most realistic sim experience, pretty much, had to go to the PC. Gamers who wanted the more arcade style were more apt to saddle up to the living room TV and play their console of choice. In the decade since, the lines have been blurred and fantastic sim experiences can be found on the console and sports gamers are just as likely to find an arcade style treat on their PC.

The one platform that is often overlooked in this back and forth is the handheld market. Perhaps itís because most gamers simply have lower expectations from handhelds and what they can actually do beyond being a great distraction and fun pick up and play experience. Sim style gamers, like I fancy myself, donít really expect to find a sports title on the PSP or DS that attempts to walk on the realistic side of the court."

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# 1 The Bimmer @ 07/30/07 04:19 PM
Is that game coming out on the 360? SCT 2 is the best ever tennis game IMO!

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