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Stayed up entirely too late studying last night, not gaming, but studying. My oh my how my life has changed. Can't wait to get MCSE certified.

Nat wanted to try this Special K cereal with actual chocolate chunks inside. I didn't think it was that bad and she seemed to have liked it. What are they going to think of next?

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Who are your early Super Bowl picks?

No birthdays today!

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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 08/02/07 08:16 AM
Went to my first Lake County Captains game last night. Nice ballpark. Minor league baseball is cool because you get to be so close to the action (2nd row behind home plate and next to visitors' dugout) for cheap ($9). I'd definitely go back.
Didn't get a chance to play my new 360 at all yesterday and probably won't for the next couple of days (grrrrr!!!). My cousin's wedding is this weekend and I'm in it, so I've got a bunch of stuff going on for that. Then, my wife's cousin's daughter is coming to stay with us on Sunday for a week, so I'll be busy pretending to be a dad. I might get to play a little on Saturday, but that's probably it.

QOTD: The Browns!!! j/k Sometimes I think maybe this year they'll have no big injuries and things will come together. Then I wake up.
Patriots in the AFC and the NFC...hmm. The Bears because the rest of their division still sucks and they'll have homefield.
# 2 Dice @ 08/02/07 08:22 AM
QOTD: It'll be a rematch of Superbowl XX.
NFC Representative: Chicago Bears
Hands down, the best defense in the NFC. Probably, the best defense in the enitre NFL. I know people in San Diego and Baltimore will argue.


AFC Representative: New England Patriots
With the addition of Randy Moss they now the offensive firepower to match the Colts.

Predicted winner: I'm from Chicago...who do you think I'm going to pick
# 3 JohnnytheSkin @ 08/02/07 10:01 AM
QOTD: Do I have to narrow it down to one team each conference? Give me a couple weeks!

I think it'll be one of four in the AFC: Patriots (the chic choice), Colts, Chargers, or Broncos (those corners are TOUGH).

In the NFC, where parity reigns, it'll probably come down to the Bears or the Saints.
# 4 Easton @ 08/02/07 10:09 AM
QOTD: Cowboys (hey, I can hope!!) and Chargers
# 5 Scott @ 08/02/07 10:12 AM
QOTD: Cowboys & Chargers.
# 6 mgoblue @ 08/02/07 11:21 AM

AFC: I think the Bolts and Colts are going to be decent, but my man crush on Tom Brady breaks the 3 way tie, so I go with the Pats

NFC: I think the Bears will fall back to the world this year. I'm going to hate myself, but I'm guessing the Cowboys. Romo isn't actually bad, and they got pretty far last year. Give him a full year, some improvements, and they could shock us (and make the Pro Football forum uninhabitable with insane idiotic 'Boys fans)

Winner: Pats, I know it's early, but Brady with real recievers makes me happy (Go Blue, Tommy!)
# 7 rock85 @ 08/02/07 02:28 PM
WOW no OS members have a birthday today. I know of one tomorrow
# 8 bullcats @ 08/02/07 03:15 PM
QOTD: New England v.s. New Orleans

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