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If you have any questions for the Producers of NHL 08 and NHL 2K8, please post them here. We'll have the answers back as soon as possible. Please specify which game you are referring to in the question.

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# 1 kfarley @ 08/04/07 05:29 PM
Will there be user controller saucer passes in NHL 08?
# 2 Stormyhog @ 08/04/07 05:51 PM
Will their be legend teams and arenas? When doing line changes is the defense seperate from the offense like in 2k's game. These questions are for NHL 08.
# 3 Qb @ 08/04/07 07:56 PM
Great call Stormy Hog, I'd also love to know if changes will be separate for forward and defensive lines in NHL 08.
# 4 TheLoafer @ 08/04/07 10:31 PM
already posted this in the NHL 08 forum but it's also fitting for NHL 2K8, so...

Will the game allow the ability, when playing a season/franchise game, to invite a friend in to play as coop (teamates) online?
# 5 Cozmicoz @ 08/05/07 09:13 AM
Question for BOTH NHL 08 & NHL 2K8

1) Why haven't developers adopted a TRUE PLAYABLE BROADCAST CAMERA (set in a fixed position at centre ice; pivots to each end of the rink showing each zone on an angle), like the one we see for EVERY NHL game on TV?

We keep talking about 'next-gen', but as long as we keep playing hockey 'up-and-down' like a glorified HD pinball game, we'll never see the kind of REAL REPRESENTATION of the sport we love on our videogame consoles.

Granted, hockey is best played up-and-down in order to track player and puck movement, but why not provide players with the OPTION to use an actual 'TV Broadcast' Camera... and I'm not talking about the highly unrealistic 'side' camera or the camera that EA calls 'broadcast'... because their current cameras 'slide' back-and-forth instead of pivoting from a fixed position.

Sorry for my rant.

# 6 Jgainsey @ 08/05/07 11:01 AM
These questions are for NHL 08.

I shouldn't even have to ask this... but has the player progression glitch in dynasty mode been fixed? It really ruined the dynasty mode for me last year, and if it hadn't been for the fix that someone came up with I probably wouldn't have played it as much as I did.

Also, I really liked the action camera in last years game, but I didn't play with it often because in most cases it didn't show the entire attacking area. By this I mean the area from the blue line to the glass. I would like to play with a camera view like this but it's kinda of hard to cycle the puck around when you can't even see some of the players you need to pass to. So I guess my question would be are the camera views the same as last year or have they been improved? Or even better yet, have some new angles been added?
# 7 tabulaRasa @ 08/06/07 03:16 AM
Will players who rely on power and players who rely on skill have more of a difference in NHL2k8 this year?

Has the skating momentum been changed out of the box for NHL2k8 in any way?

Did Larionov or any of the other hockey players how did mo-cap add any new input in the gameplay additions or AI code? for NHL2k8

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