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We have just posted our All Pro Football 2K8 review. Find out what Terry Crouch had to say about it.
"Never have I been so conflicted about a game before. Let me get that out of the way up front. All-Pro Football 2K8 has some seriously impressive things going on under the hood. However, much like NFL 2K5 before it, it also has some seriously eyebrow-raising curiosities as well. There are moments while playing APF2K8 where I would replay a particular play over and over, marveling in the realism and how authentic all of the interactions appeared. Then, a few plays later, I'd watch a strange animation completely take a defender out of a play, resulting in something that felt very canned and inorganic. Such is the nature of APF2K8. One part beauty, one part beast, but still worth a look if you like football."

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 08/06/07 09:29 AM
Great review!
# 2 Behindshadows @ 08/06/07 10:25 AM
Great review, and I agree with it, no negative complaints what so ever....great review...
# 3 kromo50 @ 08/06/07 02:28 PM
Perfect review
# 4 KBomber @ 08/08/07 03:09 PM
I think the reviewer does a very good job with this review. My only gripe is in relation to how $60 should buy more game given the comparison that NFL 2k5, as perhaps the most collosal bargain of a buy in the history of gaming, once retailed for $20. I think given the reality that 2k5 was so undervalued, it is a bit of an unfair comment. Madden, as a response, had to drop it's drawers to compete and I've never heard a reviewer suggest that their $60 should have bought more Madden in the Exclusive Years since.

I think that 2k8 is a real challenge as a review prospect. I think that Mr. Crouch did a great job of it and made valid points in balancing what 2k8 offers as a title. I don't know that this is a game for everyone, especially those hard-wired into NFL licensing, or those more casual gamers, who aren't into the more creative applications provided by this game. Crouch does a good job of conveying that.

I look forward to reading more of his work here

Have fun....................

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