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TVG has posted an interview with Producer Paul Hossack on FIFA 08.
TVG : "The idea with the Interactive Leagues last year was to play the same games on the same day as they were happening in real life. An aim of FIFA's, as I understand it, is to have 22 players playing an Interactive League game at once by the 2010 World Cup. What have you done with the Interactive Leagues this year?"
Paul Hossack: "First off, I love the feature. And I say that with bias because that was what I worked on last year when I was the online producer on current gen. And it's met with some really, really good successes here. We've seen some amazing participation numbers. What we're doing this year is it's actually been blown out across a lot of platforms.

Last year we started with it on the current gen platforms and this year it's going to be available on PS3, 360, PSP and Wii, so that with the weekend match between Liverpool and Everton, people will be playing that on all these different platforms and all those results get summed up into one decision: Who won? Everton or Liverpool? So, that's a really big win this year."

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