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2K Sports have sent us a few screenshots of MLB Power Pros for the following consoles.

Sony Playstation 2
"2K Sports, the sports publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), and Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced today a new and exciting Major League Baseball® title – MLB® Power Pros. Developed by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., and based on the best selling “Power Pro” baseball series in Japan, MLB Power Pros will be published by 2K Sports in North America and will be available in Fall 2007."

Nintendo Wii
"MLB Power Pros delivers an original visual style to America’s favorite pastime. Every MLB® player will be represented in the “Power Pro” character style - a miniature toy-like figurine model. Gamers will recognize their favorite baseball stars through comic usage of facial expressions, facial hair, and hair styles. Every MLB ballpark has been faithfully replicated with their respective famous landmarks, bringing astounding authenticity to every game. This visual combination is certain to delight baseball fans of all ages."

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# 1 richierich @ 08/07/07 01:08 AM
Going to pick this up for the Wii!!
# 2 The GIGGAS @ 08/07/07 07:36 AM
Me too, man! This game looks fantastic!
# 3 FORMULA316 @ 08/07/07 08:13 AM
If we end up with current and editable MLB rosters with Wii Baseball
gameplay (same or improved), I will likely pick this up. I find baseball
games on the 360/PS2 rather boring right now or perhaps more so
overdone. The Wii controller with the swing mechanics in Wii Baseball
are rather addictive.
# 4 Jimplication @ 08/07/07 11:34 AM
Definitely picking this one up for PS2.

Looks like a great blend of fun and realism.
# 5 ComfortablyLomb @ 08/07/07 01:17 PM
This looks like it will be a blast on the Wii.

I wish something like this would come out for PC. =(
# 6 Dondadda @ 08/07/07 02:57 PM
Hopefully it's online for one or both of the consoles (preferably Wii).

I think I could live with online roster updates only on the Wii, even. This would get a TON of playtime from guests if it was executed correctly.
# 7 Dondadda @ 08/07/07 03:05 PM
Saw on IGN that this now has a release date of December 4. Bummer - I thought it may drop earlier than that!
# 8 XiaNaphryz @ 08/07/07 06:03 PM
There's also a Power Pro thread going on in the Baseball (Other) forum here
# 9 elguapo79 @ 08/07/07 08:26 PM
Originally Posted by Dondadda
Saw on IGN that this now has a release date of December 4. Bummer - I thought it may drop earlier than that!
Didn't the original release say "fall" ? I guess it isn't technically winter until Dec. 21st.

Dumb question -- will this game look better on Wii or PS2? That will determine my choice, even if I don't have PS2 yet (will be getting one for FirePro). However, online capabilities may sway my choice.

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