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"The trained, discerning eye of a hardcore gamer can be difficult to please. In an effort to better serve the elite gamers of IGN Insider, Masterbit Theater has been established. What you'll find here are high resolution, and higher bit-rate movies from beautiful games that deserve a proper showing. Welcome to the HD era."
"A gust of wind sent ripples billowing across Tiger's pristine khakis as he eyes the crowd standing across the rough stone bridge. Nodding to himself, he eases his club toward the ball, nearly striking it once, twice, but always pulling back. Tightening his grip, he slowly pulls back, smiles as the ball seems to shrink back in fear--and swings."
"Madden is only a week away. Come August 14, sports fans will be able to pick up the only officially-licensed NFL title. The first two years for Madden on next-gen consoles were rocky, but it appears that Madden NFL 08 finally gets things right. A refined Hit Stick, brand new weapons system, and slick Championship Ring creator are just a few of the new features to be excited about."
"Flashing lights; sweaty, beautiful, skimpily-dressed women gyrating on poles; techno music with base loud enough to render even the sturdiest of structures to dust. Though assuredly similar to any given strip club on a Saturday night, I'm actually describing many of Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights' lobby screens. It was hard not to sit and stare at them for hours, but as a grizzled videogame journalist, I knew that I had a job to do--go online, race against a handful of THQ testers, and try hard not to come in dead last."
"This success that the Nintendo DS is enjoying has been bittersweet for some gamers. Of course, it's great that this handheld is running the market and attracting all kinds of new game players into the crowd, but the hardcore have seen some of their favorites given the shake as publishers try to make the kinds of games that these newbies want. Activision previously brought its Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series to the DS with the impressive yet "kiddified" Tony Hawk's American Sk8land, trying to make both camps happy with a lighthearted story riding the T.H.U.G. / American Wasteland train while still offering the kinds of features and play depth that users expect from a game bearing Tony Hawk's mug. A good time was there to be tried for the many who checked it out, but it has to be said that we're glad to have THPS back in true for Tony Hawk's Proving Ground."
"Though E3 just passed us by and we had a chance to hit the rails during the show, Activision recently dropped by our offices to give us more hands-on time with the latest in its long-time skateboarding franchise, Tony Hawk's Proving Ground. What we've seen of the game so far looks very solid - rather than going out and trying to mix things up with a crazy storyline or something of that sort, Proving Ground is similar to Project 8 in that its design goes back to the basics. There's an end goal to the game (to create your own skate brand/team), but the point is to simply skate and improve your skills."

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