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Shawn Drotar and Mark Fossen over at 5W-G has posted an article entitled, NHL 08 Community Day: The Rest of the Story.
Shawn Drotar: "I appreciate the slow pitch — because this one’s easy to smack out of the park. NHL 08 will be the first EA Sports title this year to support full online leagues, with full stat tracking. Now, these leagues are not going to be “living”, like 2K Sports’ — with trades and injuries — but they’re expected to be robust enough for a first effort. From my perspective, the fact that EA Sports is finally jumping into this pool with both feet (albeit years late) is a good sign. Coupled with a great game experience like NHL 08, it’s even better, For me, NHL 08 might have longer online “legs” than any other sports title I’ll play this fall."
Mark Fossen: "I completely agree. The leagues we’ll be seeing are not going to be as robust as what 2K Sports was doing, but combining it with a dead-fun game that plays quickly… well, I could be spending a lot of time online with NHL 08. We brought up the online performance issues with some other EA Sports titles, and were assured that the NHL team has worked a lot on optimizing the experience. Hopefully, that pays off, and we’re able to see the beginning of an online evolution of EA Sports."

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