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IGN has posted an interview with Nick Burke, the Technical Artist on Skate.
IGN: "One of the most appealing things about Skate is that it's trying to bring a realism and physicality to the skateboarding genre - tricks are all designed to be tactile and to be felt, as opposed to just pressing a button. Do you see the camera system as a logical extension of that?"
Nick: "Well I think without a realistic perspective, it would be a bit of a exercise in futility to bring the real feeling of skating into the players hands. We do a lot in the cameras to try and emphasise what the player is doing in the game, and try and make simple tricks rewarding to watch. One of the first things we discussed on the team was making skating a ledge fun and rewarding, and I think part of that is making it exciting to watch."
The same interview is here, for the Playstation 3 readers.

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