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  • Skate Achievements (360)
    "Skate crams 1000 Gamerpoints into 44 total Achievements. Our favorite: "Without Footage it's Fiction." Gamers will get their chance at unlocking skate's Achievements on September 12. The Achievement-less demo is expected to arrive within the next two weeks."
  • Madden NFL 08 Screenshots (DS)
  • Madden NFL 08 Videos (DS)
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground: Career Skater (360)
    "Ultimately, you will have to choose one dominant style type. The path you select not only opens specific challenges, but unlocks different areas of the game world. Someone focused only on the Career storyline may see Landsdowne in Baltimore but might not see the Air & Space Museum."
  • skate Progress Report (PS3)
    "Every now and then, a developer will come along and redefine a genre of games and essentially antiquate everything that came before it, and sometimes in the most unsuspecting places."
  • skate Screenshots (PS3)
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Video (360)
  • skate Videos (PS3)
  • Tiger Woods 08: Photo Game Face (360)
    "While using an online photo is always an option, the more fun--and probably more accurate--method is to use the Xbox Live Vision camera to capture a prospective pro's rugged bad looks. After selecting Photo Game Face from PGA Tour 08's main menu, players are given the option to either create a new PGF, or select one already in the game's inventory."
  • NHL 2K8 Franchise Mode (360)
    "Here we are trying to get the fledgling Chicago Blackhawks organization off the ground, and Selanne -- a veteran right winger who's dabbling in free agency -- wants to bust our balls about donning the black and red."
  • NHL 2K8 Screenshots (360)

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