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We have just posted our Hot Shots Tennis review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"If you took a poll of avid Sports Gamers and asked them for their “sleeper” franchise on the market today you would, likely, be bombarded with a slew of different answers. From one hit wonders to small development games, PC exclusives to text-based sims, the list would be as diverse as the industry itself. One name that is sure to come up in the conversation, especially from a lot the folks here at Operation Sports, is the long running Hot Shots Golf series from Japanese developer Clap Hanz. The team behind Hot Shots Golf, who will release Hot Shots Golf 5 on the PS3 in a few weeks, has decided to take another dip into the sports gaming market with the release of Hot Shots Tennis. Like its big brother, Hot Shots Tennis is a unique animal in the sports gaming jungle. On the surface and in the beginning, it looks like a fun, pick up and play arcade game, but once you start to unearth the layers, you find a surprisingly deep and challenging gaming experience worthy of all the praise it receives."

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