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  • SEGA Rally Revo Trailer (360)
  • skate Videos (360)
  • NBA 08: Player Progression (PS3)
    "The Player Progression system actually takes the place of a profile in the game, and is the first thing that you interact with as soon as you turn the game on. Players are presented with the option to select their favorite team as well as their favorite rival squad to go up against. It doesn't need to be a team with an actual rivalry, mind you, so if you happen to hate a squad, you can go right ahead and pick them."
  • NBA '08 Screenshots (PS3)
  • NBA '08 Videos (PS3)
  • College Hoops 2K8 Mo-Cap Session Interviews Video (PS3)
  • PGR 4: New Roads to Victory - St. Petersburg (360)
    "St Petersburg is the third new city in PGR4, and possibly the most unusual of all the new locations. Why is this you ask? Well I've got two words for you: humpback bridges. The city itself actually spans several islands, with canals and rivers criss-crossing between them. This not only sets a suitably impressive scene, but it also allows some daredevil racing across raised bridges and arches."

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